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10 Foods You Won’t Believe Are Vegan

“Eating vegan is hard.” Hell no it ain’t! And to prove it I’ve rounded up ten popular junk foods that are surprisingly vegan.

Now, just a reminder vegan junk food is still junk food and should not be the core of a healthy planet based diet. I just wanted to show you some of the treats you won’t have to give up when making the switch to a healthy, conscious, vegan diet!

1. Oreos
Yup, that’s right, milks favourite cookie doesn’t contain any dairy products! Grab a glass of almond milk and get dunkin!


2. Chipotle Sofritos
Hands down my favourite item on this list. No need to give up your love of Chipotle thanks to Sofritas, plus they taste amazing!


3.  Duncan Hines Creamy Frosting
Yes you can absolutely still lick the frosting off the spoon.


4. Duncan Hines Cake Mix
Have your cake and eat it too! No dairy in select flavors of Duncan Hines cake mixes.


5. Sour Patch Kids
Alright this one may have been a little easier to believe, but nonetheless, if you’re feeling a little sour you can still reach for these as a sour treat on a plant-based diet!


6. Ruffles Chips
Rippled and delicious, these can also still be a treat on a planet based diet.


7. JELLO pudding
Use this as a delicious filling in your vegan pies!


8. RITZ Crackers
As long as you’re not topping these crackers with cheese you can still make them apart of a vegan lifestyle.


9. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts
Mmmmmm….no need to give up your hangover breakfast!


10. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
My holiday guilty pleasure! I’m happy to still be enjoying these this Christmas in harmony with my vegan lifestyle.






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