10 Things to do When Your Vacation Gets Rained Out

So you’ve finally booked your dream vacation and despite your best planning efforts and precautions, the weather got the best of you. Weather is the one aspect of our travels that unfortunately we cannot control and the weather has the ability to derail many plans. While it may seem like your entire trip is ruined by one rainy day, especially if you’ve got a limited travel time frame, the weather doesn’t have to ruin everything.

One of the best skills I’ve learned from traveling is how to think on your feet and adapt quickly to situations – like a huge rainstorm hitting the moment you’re planning on going on a hike. In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing a few ways to get over bad weather while traveling and some things you can do regardless of what Mother Nature says.

  1. Hop on a bus tour
    Bus tours are an easy way to stay dry without missing out on the city you came to see! Most major cities, especially in Europe, have hop-on-and-off bus tours that you can ride and enjoy whichever stops fit your preferences.
  2. Check out the foodie scene
    You’ve got to eat anyways, so why not spend the rainy day indoors exploring some of the cities restaurants? If the storm is going to be a long one find a really unique dining experience to immerse yourself in, like a murder mystery dinner or dinner in the dark!
  3. Relax at the spa
    The sound of raindrops is supposed to be comforting right? It sure will be if you’re listening to them while on the receiving end of a relaxing massage.
  4. Read a book
    If you’re anything like me, you pack way too many books on your trips and never have a chance to get through them all. Well, a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to finally dig into the new read at the bottom of your suitcase.
  5. Hit the gym
    When I travel I want to soak up every single second of sunshine – but I also like to stay in shape when on the road. Typically, this means biting the bullet and spending an hour inside from the sun to get my sweat on. However, a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to get in a workout without sacrificing any time under the sun. If you’re staying at a resort that offers fitness classes, you can use this opportunity to try out a new fitness experience.
  6. Hit up the museums and art galleries
    In theory, I really should spend more time at museumsScope than I do while traveling, but I usually tend to prefer to do outdoorsy things like hiking or being on the beach, but if the rain sets in it’s the perfect excuse to get inside and enjoy some local culture.
  7. Scope out Netflix
    I mean only if there really isn’t anything else to do…take advantage of the fact you’re in a different country with different Netflix offerings. Logan and I were able to catch up on Designated Survivor while in the Maldives because they’re Netflix offered it, while Canada’s does not.
  8. Get cozy
    If you’re traveling alone use the opportunity to fight off some jet lag and take a nap. If you’re traveling with your partner, use the rainy day as a backdrop to a cozy snuggle session or some other activities..
  9. Get wet anyways
    If your plan was to go to the beach don’t let a rainy day stop you! You were going to get wet anyways so just head on our and enjoy the rainfall!
    (Just don’t go if it’s lightning, please.)
  10. Enjoy your trip
    No matter what you decide to do, make sure you’re still enjoying your trip. You came all this way, so you might as well make the most of it. And hey, you might end up with a few unique stories to tell when you get home!

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