10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life


I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I just wrapped up my first year of university and have been in the process of moving back home and getting my mind and body back into a better place after the stress of finals. After all my exams and final papers were done, I found myself seriously lacking inspiration and motivation to put out new content. So, I’ve taken a break from everything for the past two weeks since finals ended. I’ve just been focusing on making myself happy, getting back into a normal gym schedule, and spending time with my family and friends.

I’ve been referring to this as “spring cleaning my life”. I’ve been spending time de-cluttering my mind and ridding myself of things, people, and thoughts that no longer serve me. I know taking a few weeks to be selfish and focus on you can be daunting; after all most of us have daily responsibilities that require our attention and saying “no” to people that need our help is never easy. I know I definitely have a hard time saying no to people and often times end up stressing myself out by spreading myself to thin and neglecting my own personal well being.

However, these past few weeks, learning to say no to some things and focus on myself has really changed my overall demeanor and freshened up my mind. I now feel motivated, inspired, and ready to pump up some awesome new content for you guys. So, to start off here are some tips I’ve used the past few weeks to “spring clean my life”.

1. Buy flowers
Nothing brings happiness and life back into a dull room quite like fresh flowers. Try waking up early and heading to the farmers market to pick up some fresh flowers to have on your desk while you work.

2. Empty your inbox
Nothing stresses me out more than a cluttered email inbox. Take twenty minutes today and delete all those spam emails, unsubscribe from useless newsletters, and finally answer that one message you’ve been avoiding. You’ll be surprised how much lighter and relieved you’ll feel with an empty inbox!

3. Clean our your closet
Spring cleaning for me always begins with my closet. Pack away all those winter coats and start breaking out the shorts! Don’t forget to get rid of the stuff you no longer wear either. I like to flip my hangars backwards after spring cleaning, so the next time I go to clean my closet, any hangers that haven’t been flipped back to their normal way obviously haven’t been worn lately and it’s safe to get rid of them. Plus donating your clothes to someone in need will make you feel amazing.

4. Take a social media break
The quickest way to relieve yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to free yourself from social media. I know it’s hard to tear ourselves away from Instagram and Facebook, but you’ll find a giant weight lifted off your shoulders after you stop paying so much attention to what other people are doing online and what you look like to others online.

5. Treat your body right
The mind and body connection is very real; once you start nourishing your body with healthy foods and exercise, you’ll experience enormous improvements in your mentality clarity. I’ve started taking my workouts outside and am finding the fresh air and sunshine is doing my stress levels wonders!

6. Spring clean your relationships
This can be incredibly hard. No one wants to end friendships, but if someone is not respecting your goals or is bringing you down with their own bad habits, you really don’t need them in your life. Once you cut out these toxic friendships you’ll be able to breathe a little easier and focus on surrounding yourself with people who motivate you to be your best you.

7. Wake up a little earlier
Provided you get enough sleep the night before, waking up early is easy as pie, and once you start experiencing the luxury of watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee and planning out your day, you’ll never believe you once slept through it all. Start by going to bed half an hour earlier and waking up half an hour earlier each night until you work yourself up to the goal time you want to rise in the morning. Make sure you don’t try to immediately start waking up at 6am if you’re currently sleeping in until noon!

8. Start taking care of your skin
The shorts and sundress weather also brings along a new skin responsibility. Spend a few extra minutes in the shower exfoliating all that dead winter skin and try using a gradual tanning moisturizer for an extra smooth glow! Fresh skin will make you feel like a whole new you!

9. Read a new book
Now that school is out it’s the perfect time to dive into all those romance novels or murder mysteries you’ve been putting off in exchange for textbooks. Grab a new book and head out to a local park to catch some rays while you read!

10. Tackle a new project
Spend some time immersing yourself into a new project that your passionate about. Try volunteering in your area or even starting your own initiative to help a good cause. This week I’ve been immersing myself in organizing a donation collection for the people affected by the wild fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta. This project has kept me incredibly busy and given me a new sense of purpose and happiness, because I know I’m making a difference.

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