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2016 Plane Reads: Books for your Carry On

Ever since I can remember I’ve had my nose in a book. There is just something about losing yourself between the pages of a good story to give you a fresh outlook on the world. Since I’ve started travelling, reading has been my favourite way to pass the time while waiting for trains or sitting through a long haul flight. With a few years of travelling and many hours of flight time under my belt, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of novels. These are some of my favourites I’ve read, hopefully you can add some of these to your list in the new year.


Bossypants – Tina Fey

Seriously, who doesn’t love Tina Fey? The woman is beautiful, badass, inspirational, and funny as hell. I actually picked this book up on a whim at the airport one day and I read it end to end before my plane landed five hours later. Tina Fey shares her every move and every struggle she faced to get to where she is today; and it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows! If you’re looking for a kick in the ass to get motivated or inspired to do whatever it is you think you can’t do, this book is exactly what you need. After you finish wiping your tears from laughing so hard, you’ll look at your situation in an entirely new light and be ready to tackle any obstacles put in front of you.


We Were Liars – E. Lockhart

I’ll warn you now, this book is going to tear out your soul. It’s going to string you and your heart along to the very end and then stomp on it. I put this book down months ago and am still not over it. This story follows a large, wealthy family over their summers spent on their private island. Through several unexpected twists and turns, it exposes the truth behind their “perfect” family and reminds us that no one is perfect, nor should we try to be.

grunge image of a field

grunge image of a field

Lets All Be Brave – Annie Downs

In this book Annie talks a lot about facing our fears and being brave; not letting fear hold us back from the things we want to, or need to, do most. In the midst of a pre-quarter life crisis, I found this book an especially comforting read, reminding me that the paths were on sometimes change and the plans we had formed in our heads years ago, are no longer applicable to the person you’re becoming. Filled with courage, inspiration, and just enough from the big man upstairs, Let’s All Be Brave is the perfect book for anyone who may be starting 2016 out feeling a little lost.


#GIRLBOSS – Sophia Amoruso

This book has been the buzz around social media for what seems like all of 2015, and for a good reason! I’d like to say this is a bible for any badass woman looking for some inspiration and motivation on her quest to the top. Similar to Tina Fey’s book, Sophia shares her hardships and struggles on her journey to being one of the biggest names in vintage fashion. From eBay to leading fashion brand, you’ll get to hear firsthand how Nasty Gal became the powerhouse it is today, at the hand of one badass girlboss.


How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

Because who wouldn’t want to be Parisian? Caroline de Maigret and fellow authors spill all their secrets of how to be as graceful as a French woman in Paris, beginning with self-acceptance. “Looking for perfection, is a lack of self confidence.”

The Girl on the Train_ A Novel - Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

This twisted thriller will have you on the edge of your seat and frantically flipping pages to find out what happens next. The story is told from the perspective of Rachel, a woman who rides the train into London everyday and creates fictional lives for the people she sees in passing. However, an unexpected turn of events leads one of her fictional characters to come crashing hard into her reality. With an ending you’ll never see coming, these needs to be on your 2016 reading list!


Leave Your Mark – Aliza Licht

A last-minute addition to this list, I literally just finished reading this book, but I knew right away I had to share it. This book is jam-packed with information that any young dreamer can use to pursue their passion. Aliza Licht uses her own personal experiences to teach young people how to climb their way to the top of their dream career. Through guides to writing kick ass cover letters, ideas on how to gain experience in your field, and tips on how the utilise social media to your advantage, this book needs to find its way into the hands of every dazed and confused college student asap!

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post and if you read any of these, let me know what you think! What other books do you have on your reading list for 2016?


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