A&A Monthly Recap: July 2017

July was one of my busiest months of the year, with my big trip to Portugal and tons of new and exciting projects in the works for Airplanes and Avocados. I also used this month to take the time to reflect and work on a lot of self-development, despite being so busy. I think this month was one of my most exciting and most fruitful months in terms of personal growth and happiness and I can’t wait to continue this momentum!

Destinations Visited


My second big trip this year was to Portugal, where Logan and I traveled to Lisbon and then through the stunning Algarve region. This was probably one of my favorite trips that I have ever been on and officially rivals Hawaii as my favorite destination I’ve ever visited. I loved experiencing the culture and food of Portugal while still getting to enjoy the beaches and beautiful weather.


Canada Day

This year was Canada’s 150th birthday and my beautiful country did not disappoint. This year I headed to Toronto to watch the fireworks display at the CN tower and enjoy the festivities at Nathan Philips Square.

Shark Week

An annual highlight here at Airplanes and Avocados is the Discovery Channel’s coverage of Shark Week. This year the shows continued to impress and I really enjoyed watching Michael Phelps race a Great White Shark. This year’s Shark Week also inspired a “Shark Week Sale” in the Airplanes and Avocados shop, where I offered 25% off all items in the store and matched the 10% of donations with my own money to donate to the World Wildlife Fund in memory of Rob Stewart. Thanks to all of my incredible readers and their purchases I was able to make a great contribution in memory of Rob Stewart and let his ocean warrior spirit live on.



Consistent Workouts and Eating

This month I found myself slacking in the health department. This hasn’t been something I’ve struggled with for quite a while now, so it’s been a little weird to get a hold of, but I’ve made it one of my goals for August to get back on track. Due to some big trips and huge projects this month I found it so easy to skip the gym more than usual and rely on eating out way too much. Next month I plan to get back into my structured fitness routine and prepping my meals in advance to avoid eating out.

Fitness Update

As I said above, my fitness was a bit of a struggle this month so there isn’t too much of an update here, unfortunately. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get back on track by reminding myself how far I’ve come and I came across this great transformation picture yesterday with my results from 2014 to 2017. Progress pictures are a huge help in keeping my mindset positive and helping to remind me why I workout and eat healthy.


Loving this month

Elon Musk – Ashlee Vance

I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while now, so when I final essay for one of my university course arose and I chose the topic of electric cars, I finally had an excuse to dive in head first. I finished this book in one weekend and it made me fall in love with Elon even more than I already was.

Sensual Asthma Playlist

I made an amazing new friend this summer named Phil who created literally the best playlist I have ever heard in my entire life. It’s been on repeat all month.

Elevation Church

This is typically not something I talk about on my website or social media, but this month I’ve really been getting back in touch with my faith and done so through Elevation Church. I’ve been watching the sermons online and taking part in their outreach programs to serve and give back to my community. I know religion isn’t necessarily for everyone, but for any readers who are looking to get back in touch with their faith, I highly recommend checking out Elevation Church.

Crash the Chatterbox

This book was actually written by the pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick. This book was a really insightful read that helped me recognize some of the harmful and self-destructive behaviors I haven’t even realized I was doing. This book really helped me take a step back and evaluate my life in a new light to cope with situations in a different way.


Top blog posts

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Top Instagram photos

 Plans for August 2017

My final month of summer will be a busy one as I try to get in as much traveling as possible. I’ll start the month off with a short getaway to the Muskokas, before jetting off to Florida to dive with my friends, and then a quick trip to the Bahamas with my family before getting ready for the fall semester of school.

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