A&A Monthly Recap: May 2017


The Maldives

The month of May saw one of my biggest trips this year: The Maldives. Logan and I planned this trip way back in September 2016 and this month it finally all came together.

This trip was eye-opening for both of us and I think it was probably the biggest test of our relationship with all the speedbumps we hit along the way. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time scuba diving in the Maldives and enjoying the islands. Check out more Maldives posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Ottawa, ON & Pittsburgh, PA

The Maldives was a big trip for us that took up most of the month, so I didn’t get in too much traveling afterward. However, after we landed in Montreal on our way back from the Maldives and missed our connecting flight to Toronto we decided to hop in a rental car and head to Ottawa for game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and then two days later drove six hours to Pittsburgh to watch game 7. While the series didn’t end in our favor it was still a treat being able to attend both games!



Logan’s Birthday

We celebrated Logan’s birthday at the start of the month; now we’re both legally allowed to indulge in some adult beverages in the USA. Vegas here we come!

On the Go Toronto Magazine

The biggest highlight for me was landing a recurring travel writing gig at a magazine. You can now read even more of my writing twice a month in On the Go Toronto, where I’ll be highlighting the best that the city has to offer. Check out my first article HERE.



Quick Turnaround While Travelling

This month’s biggest challenge was getting all of my projects done on time while travelling. Our Maldives trip was a longer trip and so a lot of the sponsored content from the beginning of our trip had to be done while we were still travelling – it couldn’t wait until I got home. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find time to edit photos, posts, and videos, and still shoot new content while travelling.


Before leaving for the Maldives I started working with a trainer to help me out with a new program. I’ve been doing it for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it. I’m excited to be working with a trainer as all of my previous programs were entirely self-designed based on things I had taught myself and learned online. I was getting bored with my own programming and wanted to shake things up and switch from a bodybuilding style of training to a more functional, athletic based style of training. I’m already seeing improvements and can’t wait to see how I improve through the rest of my program. 

You can check out the trainer I’m working with HERE. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about sports performance and has worked with athletes of all skill levels. 



I decided to make this section an assortment of all the things I’ve been loving this month from books, movies, food, and music.

Law & Order SVU

This month I rewatched all the seasons of Law & Order SVU on Netflix and have become obsessed all over again. And I have the biggest crush on Detective Carisi. 😉 

Designated Survivor 

This is another show Logan and I started watching while we were travelling. We had several 12+ hour layovers and spent a lot of time watching this show. I was looking for a new, exciting political show to fill the void now that Scandal is done and I’m happy to say this did the job. 


I used to think the game of Yahtzee was so ridculous, I mean c’mon there’s no skill to it, you just roll some dice. But like I said, we had a lot of 12+ hour layovers and I soon fell in love with Yahtzee as a way to pass the time. 

6 Figure Travel Writing – Gabi Logan

I picked up this book after listening to Gabi’s presentation at the Women in Travel Summit and spending some time talking to her about a career writing for print. This book has been a huge help in teaching me what print magazines are looking for and how writing for print is a lot different that writing for a blog. It’s been an incredibly useful resource for crafting pitches and helping me land some great opportunities writing for print magazines. Stay tuned to see those in the upcoming months… 😉 

Malibu – Miley

I have a closet love for Miley Cyrus and have been loving her new style. This song is the bomb dot com. 


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I’m not doing too much traveling in the month of June. Instead, I’m using the month to regroup and work on a few projects I’ve had sitting on the back burner. I’ve partnered with some exciting brands and I’m going to be working on some campaigns for them in my hometown. I’m also hoping to spend a lot of time working on writing for print publications this month!


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