Airplanes and Avocados One Year Anniversary


I hate to be cliche, but the time really has flown. I feel like it was just last week I was sitting in my new apartment, in a new city, missing Europe and trying to navigate WordPress.

Here I am one year later, several incredible cities under my belt, almost one hundred published posts, and still trying to navigate WordPress.

The past year has been a vital year in the growth of not only this website and my business, but myself as a person. Moving to a new city opened my eyes to many new things including new friendships, new interests, and new opportunities. Being on my own for the first time taught me a lot about life and founding this business on my own taught me even more.

This past weekend I planned a dinner to celebrate Airplanes and Avocados’ one year anniversary. What was originally supposed to be a 20 person dinner with friends sprinkled across Ontario, turned into an evening spent with my best friend, my boyfriend, his family, and of course my family. It was a great evening, but to say I wasn’t bothered by the last minute cancellations of my friends would be nothing short of a lie. Don’t get me wrong, I still love these people despite their lack of attendance and each still holds an important place in my life. However, the few that did show up to congratulate me and show their support reminded me of something very important about myself and this website.

Airplanes and Avocados is entirely self-made. I did everything entirely on my own without any financial, computer, or design help. From the months of research about search engine optimization, to teaching myself how to set up WordPress and fine tuning my design and layout, to saving every penny to pay for my domain, hosting and subscriptions to things to Lightroom every month; I had absolutely no help. Of course, there were times I wished, and still do wish, I had someone to show me the ropes (especially when it comes to photo and video editing!). But realizing this made me wonder why I was even so concerned about people not showing up in the first place.

There would be no speech to say “I couldn’t have done it without you”, because I could’ve, and I did. I’m not trying act as if I am some sort of superior genius in the website-creating world, because the truth is I don’t know everything. I knew very little and the past year has been one huge learning experience for me, and the years to come will be filled with even more learning.

However, I am incredibly proud of how Airplanes and Avocados has grown under my own watch and how much I have been able to accomplish thus far.

While I didn’t necessarily have help with the process of creating Airplanes and Avocados, I have met several incredible people throughout the process that have helped me immensely and taught me so much. Dan from Circle Island Tour in 24 who taught me so much about Hawaiian culture, Reid and Maryrose from Wanderlustyle blog who let me guest post on their incredible website, helped me learn to surf, and introduced me to Lightroom, and Kat from Salty Pineapples who helped me clean up my Instagram. Of course I also couldn’t have continued the success of Airplanes and Avocados without the constant support from my parents and family, and the help of my boyfriend Logan with writing guest articles and video editing.

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane and take a look at where Airplanes and Avocados has taken me in it’s first year!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting “First Year Anniversary Giveaway” in the upcoming weeks.

My first trip with Airplanes and Avocados was to western Canada over New Years, where I got to experience true winter in Calgary, Banff, and the beautiful Lake Louise.

banff3 banff2


Over Airplanes and Avocados inaugural year I was also living in Ottawa and the opportunity to explore this exciting and diverse city. I miss it every single day and cannot wait to go back.

8 6

One of my bucket list items was crossed off during this year also, when I was able to travel to Hong Kong and Bali. This was my first trip to Asia and takes my count up to three continents visited.


Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

hk hk1 hk3

One of my most exciting trips this year was to Hawaii with my boyfriend Logan. We both got scuba certified beforehand, you can read about it HERE, so we were able to spend the majority of our trip exploring under the sea.


Photo by Reid of Wanderlustyle


Photo by Austin of Living Ocean Scuba



Photo by Austin of Living Ocean Scuba


Photo by Dan of Circle Island Tour in 24


Photo by Dan of Circle Island Tour in 24

Lastly, I took a quick getaway to the Bahamas just before school started.

bahamas1 bahamas


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