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10 Things to do When Your Vacation Gets Rained Out

So you’ve finally booked your dream vacation and despite your best planning efforts and precautions, the weather got the best of you. Weather is the one aspect of our travels that unfortunately we cannot control and the weather has the ability to derail many…

June 20, 2017

How Travelling Made Me a More Confident Person

Confidence, or self-esteem, is defined as “a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.” Today seven in ten women believe they’re not good enough in some way, whether it be their looks, intelligence, or social status. That’s 70%…

June 16, 2017
fresh perspective

Dr. Seuss Had Our World Figured Out All Along

With the world we live in today, filled with political scandal, environmental degradation, and the rapid advancement of technology, it’s refreshing to have a moment to reflect. To reflect on a simpler time with an author whose literature is familiar to all. That author…

June 12, 2017

A&A Monthly Recap: May 2017

DESTINATIONS VISITED The Maldives The month of May saw one of my biggest trips this year: The Maldives. Logan and I planned this trip way back in September 2016 and this month it finally all came together. This trip was eye-opening for both of…

June 10, 2017
Airplane Asia

My Nightmare at the Beijing Airport

After much back and forth debate with myself, I’ve finally decided to publish this post. I had previously held off because I like to keep my blog positive and talk about the wonderful, glamorous aspects of travel; but the fact of the matter is…

June 7, 2017