Beach Workout

Hey guys! So as some of you may know I recently got back from a two week trip to the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu.

Now of course I wanted to relax on my trip, but I knew all the Mai Tai’s and Dole Whip would catch up to me sooner or later, so I developed this quick and fun beach workout to keep my body happy and beach ready. The best part of this workout is that you don’t need to sacrifice any precious time in the sun to hit the hotel gym, you can do it all right on the beach and work on your tan while you work on your body!

This is a full body circuit workout that will get your heart rate pumping and fire up the muscle fibers. Depending on your fitness level and how much time you want to spend working out, you can completely customize this workout to yourself! You can combine both circuits, or just do one circuit for 3-5 rounds, or go crossfit style and try to complete the circuit as quickly as possible. No matter which way you go about it, you’re sure to get a great burn in.

If this workout looks to easy, remember that the sand will give each move added resistance making it more difficult than doing it on a gym floor. Also be sure to mind your surroundings, if you decide to do this workout barefoot keep an eye out for sea creatures or other various items/debris that could be lying in the sand.


Always be sure to warm-up before working out! For this workout you can warm-up by walking/jogging a few lengths of the beach until you feel ready to jump into it!


-high knees x30 reps
-jump squats x20 reps
-moving pushups x20 reps
-mountain climbers x30 reps
-plank (hold as long as possible)


-burprees x20 reps
-walking lunges x30 reps (15 each leg)
-bear crawls (pick a distance that’s challenging enough and crawl there and back as fast as possible)
-tricep dips x20 reps
-bicycle crunch x30 reps



*As I said above there are many ways to customize this workout. I personally completed the first circuit three times, then moved on to the second circuit and repeated that three times. It didn’t take me longer than 45 minutes. J

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