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    Review: GoPro Seeker Backpack

    October 19, 2016

    Hey guys, today I am going to be talking about the GoPro Seeker backpack. I recently did a review on one of GoPro’s other products, the Hero Session. If you haven’t seen that yet, be sure to check it out! The Seeker backpack was launched by GoPro earlier this summer and it’s probably the best backpack I’ve ever travelled with. The Specs First let’s talk about the bag itself. It retails for $169.99 USD on GoPro’s website. While this sounds like…

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  • Technology Travel Tips

    Top 10 Travel Apps

    There’s no denying that technology has made travelling more accessible than ever, putting all the required tools and resources for planning and enjoying a trip, right at our fingertips. However, with the thousands of…

    February 20, 2016