Countdown to Hawaii Fitness Series: Week 2

Welcome back to week two of my countdown to Hawaii fitness series. This past week I’ve really challenged myself, specifically when it comes to nutrition. I’ve been paying a lot more attention to what I’ve been putting into my body and diligently tracking my macros. I’ve gotten a little better with increasing my protein, but I’ve still got some work to do.

As for my workouts, I’ve still been making high intensity circuits the core focus of my workout plans, however I’ve also added back in a day of heavier lifting, just to give myself a break from the circuits as I felt they, combined with my lower caloric intake, were burning me out quicker than I’d like.

My stats this week haven’t moved much, which was expected, I don’t plan to see much movement on the scale over the course of one week. After this week I weighed in at 160 lbs

This week I’m sharing with you a partner ab workout that my boyfriend and I did at the gym. Grab your significant other, best friend, or whoever your swolemate is and give this a go!

The Partner Ab Workout
This workout can be done with a partner or alone, I’ll tell you exactly how to make adjustments if you’re going through the moves on your own. You’re also going to need a medicine ball for this workout. Be sure to decide the rep range for each move based on both you and your partner’s fitness level.

The Circuit:
Sit-ups with medicine ball (forwards throw to partner)
Dead Bugs w/ medicine ball
Leg Throws
Russian Twists w/ medicine ball (lateral throws to partner)

For the sit-up move, lie on your back facing your partner and make sure your feet are touching.  One of you will begin with the medicine ball and one without, you’ll both complete a normal sit-up, and just one of you will have the ball. Once you’re at the top of your sit up you will throw your partner the ball, then proceed to do a normal sit-up without a med ball, once you come up they will throw the ball back to you and you will do a sit-up with the med ball. If you’re doing this move alone, you can just do normal sit-ups with or without a medicine ball.

The dead-bugs are a completely solo move. Hold the med ball static above your head at a 45 degree angle, with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle. Alternate lowering one leg to the ground at a time.

For the leg throws you’ll want to lie on your back with your legs in the air at a 90 degree angle. Your partner will then stand at your head and push your legs towards the ground. It’s then your job to use your core to try and resist and keep your legs in the air. If you’re doing this move solo you can simply do reverse crunches.

For the Russian twists you’ll want to sit side by side with your partner, not too close, but not too far. Just enough distance to make sure you can laterally throw the medicine ball back and forth to each other. One of you will begin with the medicine ball and perform 4 Russian twists while the other remains static in a “V” position. After you’ve completed 4 reps, you will laterally throw your partner the ball and then hold static while they perform their reps. If you’re doing this move alone, you can simple perform normal Russian twists.

After we completed the circuit three times we really killed our abs with this finishing plank circuit:
-15 seconds of normal plank
-15 seconds with left arm up
-15 seconds with right arm up
-15 seconds with left leg up
-15 seconds with right leg up
-15 seconds with right arm and left leg up
-15 seconds with left arm and right leg up
-15 seconds normal plank

Your abs will be burning for days after doing this workout; trust me!

To end off this post, here is one of my food logs for the week. I really kept my food scale close this past week, making sure to track everything accurately and trying to get that protein up!



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