Countdown to Hawaii Fitness Series: Week 3

Hey guys! Welcome to week three of my Countdown to Hawaii Fitness Series.

I’m going to be honest with you guys; this week was TOUGH. I faced a lot of obstacles both mentally and physically and I did fail miserably at one point. I beat myself up about it for quite a while before I realized I wasn’t helping myself by dwelling on my mistakes. So, here I am, back on my feet and ready to regain control and kick the next three weeks in the ass!

Let me tell you exactly what happened this week. About midway through the week I had a hectic day at work and missed a workout. I was incredibly angry at myself for missing one day and decided I would workout twice a day for the rest of the week in order to compensate. However, the cutting calories I calculated were based off working out for only one hour a day six days a week. Eating 750 calories less per day was already a struggle with one workout, I don’t know why I thought I would be able to power through two workouts in such a large caloric deficit. Well, of course, I couldn’t. I made it through day one just fine, but by day two my body was begging for my food. It simply couldn’t keep up with the extra work on the limited calories. This day also happened to be Friday when my boyfriend and I typically have date night. I will admit, on weekends I don’t usually track my food, however I still attempt to eat relatively intuitively and healthy. This weekend was different though; because my body was so starved of calories it was nearly impossible to resist the temptation of pizza and potato chips. I essentially spent the weekend gorging myself on unhealthy food and hating myself for it.

I felt myself wanting to slip back into my old restrictive ways and attempt to cut my calories again, but I quickly snapped out of that. I’ve realized that I’m not perfect and I can’t even pretend be for six weeks and that’s fine. I have an inconsistent schedule, I am travelling a lot, and often eat out. I make mistakes, I fail, and all I can do is get back on track the next day. So that’s exactly what my focus will be for the next three weeks. I’m going to worry less about not seeing extreme results and instead focus on being happy with what I’ve accomplished.

After three weeks, a missed workout, and epic binge, my weight is still sitting at about 159.5 lbs.

Here is what this past weeks workout schedule looked like (including my one missed day! L)

Monday- Barbell Circuit + Conditioning Circuit
Tuesday- Conditioning Circuit
Wednesday- Missed Workout
Thursday- Conditioning Circuit + Swim + Weights
Friday- Conditioning Circuit + Swim
Saturday- Conditioning Circuit
Sunday- Kayaking

This weeks workout is going to be a shorter “finisher” circuit you can add to the end of any workout to really feel the burn and get that heart rate up.

I added this circuit at the end of two of my workouts this week and man was it a killer! The monster burpees are probably one of the hardest moves I’ve ever done. You’ll feel these in your shoulders, core, legs, EVERYWHERE!

I like to do three rounds of this circuit at the end of a workout with these reps. However, feel free to change it up based on your needs and fitness level. You can also up the number of rounds or see how many you can get in a set amount of time and make it a complete workout!

Killer Finisher Circuit

100 skipping rope jumps
10 monster burpees
30 mountain climbers

The skipping rope is self-explanatory. Jump 100 times. I like to use a weighted skipping rope for an extra challenge-you’ll really feel the forearms burning if you try that!

To complete the monster burpees you’ll need a pair of dumbbells. This move is HARD so I usually go for a lighter weight; either 10lbs or 12.5lbs.
Start in a plank position with the dumbbells. Then do one pushup (the dumbbells with allow for greater range of movement with a pushup so really get low), then do a back row with each arm while still in plank. This is a difficult move especially if you don’t have the best balance. Try separating your feet a little wider in plank for better stabilization. After you’ve completed the pushup and the rows, jump your feet in and stand up, exploding the dumbbells up to a shoulder press. Repeat ten times.

For the mountain climbers I like to still use the barbells to support my wrists, but you can also do them with your palm flat on the ground. In a plank position, bring each knee up to your elbow as if running on the floor for thirty reps.

To end this post, here is one of my food logs for the week. When I originally calculated my cutting calories, I was using a 25% deficit which put me at around 1850 calories (almost 800 calories less than what I typically eat) and was completely unsustainable for my activity level. I’ve since recalculated my macros using only a 15% deficit, which puts me at about 2000 calories (still approximately 500 less than I normally eat). The results may be slower, but at least I won’t be starving myself all week and throwing away my hard work with a binge on the weekends.


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