Countdown to Hawaii Fitness Series: Week 4

Hey guys! Welcome to week four of my Countdown to Hawaii Fitness Series. Sorry this week’s post is so late; it was an extremely hectic week! But no worries, I still killed it in the gym this week! I actually think this may have been my best week of workouts. I was really happy with how hard I was pushing and how strong I felt during my circuits and lifts this week.

I made a couple tweaks to my nutrition this week also, as you may have seen in week three’s post, I was having a really hard time performing in the gym while in a caloric deficit and ending up binging as a result of being on too few calories. This week I experimented with going back to intuitive eating. I still tracked everything in MyFitnessPal to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it, and I found that simply listening to my body and eating whole foods whenever I felt hungry had me sitting at around 2000-2200 calories anyway.

In terms of nutrition this week I also started to focus more on the nutritional quality of my food as opposed to caloric value. I recently did a few blood tests and discovered I had several vitamin deficiencies. I have extremely low iron which is why I was feeling tired all the time and am also low in B12. I’ve since seen a dietician who recommended iron and B12 supplements, however was still concerned about my levels of calcium and vitamin D. Already taking two supplements a day, I don’t really want to have to pop any more pills in order to maintain a healthy diet, so I’ve been focusing on choosing foods with higher nutrient value and have been trying out the Vega One Nutritional Shake. I’ve already noticed an increase in my energy this week just from simply switching the focus from calories to nutrients.

This week I weighed in at 156 lbs.



Now let’s talk about what I did in the gym this week! I started off the week with a heavy leg day and had a wonky experience with my hip flexor during squats. I’m still not sure what it was, but the pain has since subsided, so I’m just being cautious with squats for now.

The weekend was super busy and consisted of me playing in an incredibly fun three sport tournament with my brother, boyfriend, and his brother. I counted our tournament hockey, volleyball, and baseball games as my workout this weekend.

Monday- Heavy Leg Day + Stairmaster
Tuesday- Conditioning Circuit + Ab Circuit
Wednesday- Heavy Upper Body Day + Stairmaster
Thursday- Conditioning Circuit
Friday- Hockey
Saturday- Tournament (2 baseball games & 1 hockey game)
Sunday- Tournament (2 volleyball games & 1 hockey game)

Last week I shared a finisher circuit, so this week I’m going to be sharing a beginning circuit. Now I like to do this circuit in addition to other workouts, however you can do just this circuit as its own workout. This week I did this circuit for time, attempting to get as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. I then went on to do the barbell circuit I shared in week one and the ab circuit from week two, and 20 laps in the pool.

Cardio Conditioning Circuit

100 skipping rope jumps
10 box jumps
25 mountain climbers
50 quick feet
10 burprees w/ pushup

Check out the video I posted to Instagram for a look at how I did this circuit. I recommend keeping the box jumps a little lower than your max since you will be doing this circuit a few times and fatigue will set in.

Finally, to end off this week, here’s a look at a day of intuitive eating.



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