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Sitting at my desk finishing up my final paper of the year, I find myself staring out my apartment window at the snowstorm currently occurring outside – in April. I grumble and close the blinds. Why did I decide to go to school in Ottawa? Sitting back down, I let my mind wander to warm weather, sandy beaches, and sunshine on my skin… *beep, beep* I’m jolted back to reality by the sound of my phone buzzing. I look down to see my handsome boyfriends face on the screen. I smile and my heart aches. Living in two different cities hasn’t been easy on us and as the days wind down until we’re together again, I find myself missing him more than ever.

His message outlines our plans for when we’re reunited; dinner with his family, dinner with my family, a weekend with all of our siblings, and nights out with our friends. I’m excited to see my family and catch up with all of our friends, but our plans are lacking one major thing: alone time. That’s the trouble with living away from home; when you finally return, everyone wants a piece of you. It’s hard to steal a minute alone when your little brother is begging for you to finally teach him how to drive stick, your favourite grandma is demanding you over for tea, your parents are eager to hear how our finals went, and your childhood friends are dragging you out for drinks.

I sigh and reply “we’re in serious need of a getaway”.

romantic getaway

Photo courtesy of Villa Getaways

I started to imagine some of my dream destinations across the world. Both avid travelers and explorers, we’re constantly tossing around ideas about where to go on our next adventure. Sitting right at the top of my tropical fantasies are the ravishing and unspoiled Seychelles islands. I love the seclusion of the islands and the limited impact humans have had on them. Since most of the land is protected it hasn’t suffered the environmental damage that many other places have. The beaches are still beautiful and clean, the coral reefs are thriving, and the jungles remain untouched. It’s truly the perfect place to getaway and experience the world for what it really is.

That’s when I stumbled upon Villa Getaways, one of the best in the luxury travel biz. With stunning private villas and top of the line service, they are the epitome of the perfect getaway.


Photo courtesy of Villa Getaways

Browsing through their large array of villas across the world, one caught my eye: the Private Island Villa 118 in Seychelles. What could be more romantic than an entire private island villa to ourselves? Skimming through the photos I fell even more in love with this breath-taking property.

The 450 square meter ocean front property is tucked neatly away in the Tamaka forest, offering seclusion while still providing guests with spectacular ocean views. I began day dreaming of us soaking up the sun next to the private pool and enjoying dinners on the beach, completely tailored to our preference and harvested fresh daily by the kitchen staff. Of course, accompanied by wine from the villa’s wine cellar.


Photo courtesy of Villa Getaways

I fantasized about the in-villa spa treatments offered, subconsciously readjusting my posture that seemed to have been hunched over my laptop screen for the last eight months. I could only dream of what the fresh island ingredients would do for my poor skin that had been battling the dry, cold weather for just as long.

Exploring further, I began to get excited about all the adventure activities also offered by Villa Getaways that have minimal environmental impact. With a dive school nearby we would be able to snorkel, kayak, and best of all; finish our PADI scuba diving certification. What better place to finally finish our scuba certification than Seychelles, which forms part of the longest coral reef system in the world.

When ready to dry off, we could utilize the island buggies or mountain bikes to explore the island. I could already imagine the Insta-worthy shots we’d grab of the Piazza and our new, island tortoise friends.

romantic getaway

Photo courtesy of Villa Getaways

At the end of the day we could enjoy a peaceful evening alone in an extravagant master bedroom that still manages to provide views straight out of a postcard.

My phone buzzed again. “Maybe we should run away to Thailand?”

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