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My Favourite European Cities

Hey guys, today I am bringing you a post dedicated to my favourite European cities. It’s been almost a year since I was last in Europe and I am definitely missing it. Europe has so much to offer and is completely different from North America; it’s exactly where I’d love to run away to! While I haven’t explored as much of Europe as I’d like to (yet!), I have ventured through quite a bit of the continent and my heart was left behind in a handful of places. Here is a quick list of just a few of the places that have captured my heart.


Berlin, Germany

Of all the places I’ve travelled, there are very few I can imagine myself staying in; I always get restless at some point and need to get going again. Berlin is the exception to this. I instantly felt a shift when I was here. The entire atmosphere of the city is welcoming and comforting; it’s both familiar and incredibly different, and definitely somewhere I would move in a heartbeat. Berlin is culturally diverse and historically rich. From its WW2 history to its new, liberal and modern rebuild, Berlin is still growing and changing, but remains true to its roots.


My “must do’s”: Explore Berlin’s street art, Go for a bike ride through the city, Enjoy German beer at Hofbräuhaus

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Prague, Czech Republic

Even places like Rome and Paris can’t compare to the beautiful little city of Prague. The architecture and structure of the buildings and streets is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. When you visit Prague, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a different era! I’ll be honest, there isn’t too much to actually do in Prague. The city is small and while it does house some tourist attractions such as the dancing house, I think it’s more of a cute little escape from the big, tourist saturated cities. Work off all those delicious dumplings with a scenic bike ride through the town and over the Charles Bridge, where you’ll capture amazing views of the city.


My “must do’s”: Enjoy the street performers in Old Town Square, Eat at the top of the Dancing House, Capture the views of the city from the Charles Bridge


Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’ve followed my website for a while, you’ll know that I absolutely love Amsterdam. I’ve never had more fun in a city than I have here and it’s not just because of the wild nightlife in the Red Light District. While the Red Light District is certainly an incredibly wild experience that I think everyone should have at least once, Amsterdam has even more to offer. During the day you can rent a bicycle and ride over the hundreds of bridges over the city’s canals. The city is also home to floating flower markets in the summer, which not only make for a unique shopping experience but a unique photo-op as well.


My “must do’s”: Have a Heineken on the water during a canal cruise, Explore the Red Light District, Visit the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House

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hofburg-imperial-palace-101476_1920 (1) (1)

Vienna, Austria

Vienna was one of those cities I didn’t really expect anything from when I visited the first time. I’ve since been to Vienna twice and have been blown away both times. The city is full of royalty and history and is home to some of the most stunning architecture in Europe. Home of Swarovski crystals and arguably some of the cutest coffee shops in Europe, Vienna was quick to steal my heart. Stay away from the tourist traps like Swarovski crystal world and instead go exploring through the royal palaces of the city. I’m not usually a fan of guided tours, as I usually like to explore on my own, but with Vienna’s rich history I’d highly recommend grabbing a tour guide to learn more about this enchanting city.


My “must do’s”: Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, Naschmarkt


Paris, France

Of course I had to include Paris in this list. My time in the stylish, city of love was cut way too short and I’m dying to get back. Paris is such a large and exciting city, you simply can’t see it all in just a few days! Paris is certainly the more expensive city on this list, so to save some cash try staying in a hotel further out from the city. The metro in Paris is incredibly easy to navigate and will save you a lot of time and stress and the streets are usually so crowded, getting anywhere by cab is nearly impossible! Be prepared to pack your most fashionable clothing as the Parisians sure know how to dress!


My “must do’s”: Eat macaroons at Ladurée, Visit the Louvre, Enjoy a picnic under the Eiffel Tower with some incredible French wine


That’s all for today guys! Thanks for reading! Tell me below, what are some of your favourite European cities?

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