My Favourite Restaurants in Palm Beach County

When I travel to Palm Beach County I am usually doing so to go shark diving. However, lately I’ve been finding myself drawn back to the foodie scene of this area. I would never have expected Palm Beach to be where I’ve found some of my favorite restaurants, but sure enough, I’ve uncovered some of the most delicious pre- and post-shark diving meals.

First Watch

I stumbled upon First Watch during one of my first trips to West Palm Beach when it was pouring rain and I had an insane craving for pancakes. Everything here is made from scratch every single day, all fresh and made to order. The atmosphere is very relaxed and welcoming; they even have a “community table” where smaller parties or individuals can sit together, which was perfect for me as a solo traveler! However, my favorite part about this place is that you’re greeted with not just a cup of coffee, but an entire pot of freshly brewed, deliciously hot coffee. This has easily become my top pick for breakfast when I visit the area.

My top picks: Farmhouse Skillet Hash or Banana Granola Crunch Pancakes

Avocado Grill

The Avocado Grill is located more centrally downtown in West Palm Beach. It’s laid back vibe and locally sourced ingredients have attracted locals as well as visitors to the Palm Beach area. The restaurant itself is smaller than most, but also features an outdoor patio with additional seating, so there usually isn’t much of a wait to dine here. Their menu features a variety of healthy dishes with a unique twist and of course, there are a ton of avocado options available! I love sitting down to enjoy a big salad or fresh sandwich for lunch at Avocado Grill after a long morning of shark diving.

My top picks: Grilled Chicken Avocado BLT or Chicken Paillard Salad


Darbster is a vegan restaurant with a creative and constantly changing menu that appeals to plant based eaters and meat eaters alike. The location is right in the water making it the perfect place to enjoy a nice dinner out in the Palm Beaches. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and is pet-friendly so you can bring along your puppy to enjoy dinner with you. I recommend making reservations here if you can as the place is quite small and typically around dinner time it gets very busy, so without a reservation, you may be waiting a bit – but don’t worry, the food will make up for the wait!

My top picks: Parmigiana or NY Pasta

Island Bee

Another vegan option in the Palm Beaches, the Island Bee is a plant based café that serves salad and sandwiches as well as freshly made juices and smoothies. This is the perfect place for a midday pick-me-up, especially when trying to stay healthy while traveling. Their sandwiches are priced a little bit higher compared to main stream restaurants, but I certainly think they’re worth it, especially if you are on a plant based diet.

My top picks: Avocado Toast or Mary Jane’s Grilled Cheese

 Raw Juce

Raw Juce is located near Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County and became one of my favorite places to fuel up during my stay there because of their deliciously filling acai bowls. Raw Juce specializes in providing healthy and organic smoothies, acai bowls, salads, oatmeal, and freshly squeezed juices. The café is cool and welcoming if you decide to dine in, but I always preferred taking my acai bowls to the beach which is just a five-minute drive away. This is my favorite place to get an acai bowl in the Palm Beaches as they have so many different options to choose from and tons of toppings for you to customise your order with.

My top picks: Cocoa Crunch Protein Acai Bowl or Raw Taco Salad

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