Saving Student Life

How to Save Money for Travel While in School


  1. Cut out unnecessary costs.
    A $4 Starbucks latte is not a necessary cost, neither is going out for lunch every day. Save yourself by brewing your coffee at home and brown bagging your lunches.
  2. Get a side job.
    There are a ton of catering companies who will hire students to work a few hours on the weekend of an event, and the pay is usually really good. I worked for a marketing company as a side job during my year off and I was able to pick my own hours and work select weekends promoting products in grocery stores.
  3. Take advantage of free food on campus.
    Most campus’ are constantly running events or promoting different clubs or teams and often times they’re giving out food in order to lure students in. Take advantage of the free food, eat your heart out!
  4. Start a 52 week money challenge.
    The 52 week money challenge is a very attainable and straightforward year long savings plan that will leave you with over $1300 at the end of the year; that’s a massive chunk of change to contribute to a trip. I’m currently doing the 52 week money challenge and am planning to use these savings towards a birthday trip!
  5. Sell stuff.
    Chances are you aren’t even wearing 50% of the clothes in your closet, I know I wasn’t when I recently did a complete closet cleanout. Take your gently used clothes to consignment boutique and you could easily make a quick $100.
  6. Sell your brain.
    Everyone in school struggles in one subject or another. Figure out which subject you excel in and offer tutoring to students in your class. I’ve seen students charge anywhere from $10-$50 an hour for a tutoring session.
  7. Workout at home.
    Cancel your gym membership and do a quick circuit in your dorm room, or go for a run outside. Save yourself the $50 a month for your gym membership and take advantage of the exercise equipment around you. (Keep your eyes peeled for my home/dorm workout ideas to get you inspired.)
  8. That brings us to our next point, WALK.
    Get rid of your car, seriously, it’s a massive expense that you do not need, especially if you’re in school. Most universities include the cost of a bus pass in our student fees, take advantage of it. Walk or take public transit wherever you need to go.
  9. Use the library.
    Let’s be honest, a lot of the textbooks your profs “strongly recommend” you are only going to need for one class in first year, don’t spend $200 on it. Most schools have a few of these textbooks on reserve in the library, you can borrow them for up to three days, make your notes and then return it. Another option is to split the cost of the book with your roommate or someone else in your class.
  10. Quit your bad habits.
    Smoking can cost $2000 a year, and it’s harmful to your health! Just give it up.
  11. Pre-drink.
    I’m not going to tell you not to go out the bars, because well, let’s be real. But you can save yourself a massive bar tab by pre-drinking at home before you go out.
  12. Stick to a budget.
    Create a plan and goal, commit to it, and stick to it. It will all pay off in the end!

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