How to Survive the Holidays -VEGAN STYLE

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone is happy and loving; families come together to celebrate amongst delicious home cooked food, and everyone is having a great time…until grandma gets angry you won’t try her honey ham.

Surviving the holidays  with your extended family is tough for any average joe. Now throw in your “inconvenient” eating habits and it’s a whole new ball game. In this post I’m hoping to give you some tips on how to survive this time of year as a vegan. And yes, it’s possible to have an amazing time and still stay true to your decisions and remain in harmony with your family.

Host Dinner Yourself

If you’re up for the challenge, host your family’s Christmas dinner at your place. This way you’ll be in control of all the cooking. You don’t even have to mention your dishes are vegan. I like to tell people after they’ve devoured it and they’re always surprised how something vegan can be so tasty.

Bring Your Own Dishes to Dinner

If someone else has already taken over hosting Christmas, offer to help them out by bringing some of your own favourite vegan dishes like these:

One Hour Vegan Sheppard’s Pie

Vegan Wild Rice, Cranberry, and Pine Nut Stuffing

Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Eat Before You Go

Make sure you eat some good, whole foods before you go to keep you from giving into the temptation of some non-vegan treats and junk food.

Bring Vegan Treats

The holidays can be stressful. Your family can be stressful. Sometimes the only cure for stress is chocolate. Make some sweet vegan treats and bring them with you to have on hand when those high stress moments hit.

Mini Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecakes

Salted Maple Nut Clusters

Remember Why You’ve Chosen This Lifestyle 

If you feel like giving into temptation, remind yourself why you’ve made the decision to eat this way. If after thinking about it you decide the chocolate cake or slice of turkey is worth it, than go for it. You’re your own person and can make your own decisions. Which brings us to our next point…

Forgive Yourself

If you do happen to indulge in some non-vegan food, don’t beat yourself up about it. It happened, now move on.

No Vegan Talk at the Dinner Table 

Your relatives are probably going to be interested in your lifestyle and for some reason everyone finds the dinner table the most appropriate time to ask questions. However, the dinner table is not the best time to discuss how your aunts ham got onto her plate, so politely tell them that you’d be happy to answer any questions they have after dinner. They’ll get the hint.

That’s all the tips I have for now! I hope these help some of you get through the Holidays! If you have any more tips for Vegans leave them below! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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