Norwegian Cruise Lines Review

I recently had the pleasure of going on a short tropical getaway with Norwegian Cruise Lines to the Bahamas. I embarked on a three day cruise on the Norwegian Sky, leaving from Miami and cruising to Grand Bahama Island and Nassau before returning back to Miami.

I’ll come right out and say it; I am not a cruise person. It certainly is not my preferred method of travel because I find them too rushed and don’t feel like I have enough time to explore a place properly. However, I was surprised at how much I loved this quick little getaway.

I booked this trip last minute because Norwegian Cruise Lines was having an incredible all inclusive, last minute deal that was too good to pass up. Forget the same cheap vacation to Cuba, Norwegian offers some incredible last minute deals on all of their cruises around the world, so be sure to join their newsletter and keep an eye on their website!


The price point was obviously a major plus for this trip, and yes it was all inclusive, another thing I tend to stay away from as all inclusive typically means a bunch of people looking to get hammered for cheap. And I won’t lie, there was plenty of that happening on this ship, but it certainly did not deter me from having a good time. Plus, not having to worry about paying for stuff all the time was a nice feeling!

The ship does offer some speciality dining restaurants that are not included in the all inclusive package, but you can pay a little more for a special evening dinner.


The exciting atmosphere of the ship was just what I needed for a fun weekend getaway, with the crew always running activities and pumping music to keep guests entertained and having a blast. The crew was always friendly and you could tell they were incredibly happy about their jobs, which only made the guests feel even more welcomed. Because the Norwegian Sky is one of the smaller ships, it had a much more intimate atmosphere and by the end of the cruise many of the staff and crew members would know you by name.

There are also additional excursions available for purchase on board the ship. This particular cruise docked in Grand Bahama Island and Nassau, each for a day, and guests were able to participate in excursions upon arriving at the islands. The excursions ranged from beach trips, to snorkel and scuba diving trips, and trips to Atlantis in Nassau. Much to my disappointment, the ship offered a multitude of captive animal encounter excursions including swimming with dolphins and feeding captive manta rays. Just a gentle reminder to Airplanes and Avocados readers, these types of trips are incredible unethical and these animals are tortured and held captive in tiny spaces when they’re meant to be roaming free in the ocean. The best way to have up close encounters with these animals is out in the wild!

I would also recommend forgoing the Atlantis excursions. It really isn’t as exciting as it seems and it is so incredibly overpriced.


I decided to skip an excursion on Grand Bahama Island and instead spend time exploring the ship which also houses a casino and incredible spa! I went for a variety of spa treatments including a bamboo massage and exfoliating facial and absolutely loved it. The spa prices were not too outrageous compared to some other cruise lines and the small splurge was definitely worth the extra relaxation and pampering!

On Nassau island I decided to embark on a beach break excursion to the smaller Balmoral Island. This is a tiny tourist island with a shallow lagoon and was a nice, quiet break from the ship.


The Bahamas is also very well known for its shopping. At each port there are a variety of shops selling everything from touristy knick knacks, to jewellery, watches, perfume, and duty free alcohol. If you’re in the mood to shop, the Bahamas is definitely the place for you!

Overall, I had an amazing time with Norwegian Cruise Lines in the Bahamas. I think this cruise was the perfect little getaway and I’d recommend it to anyone who just needs a quick tropical break from reality.


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