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Oahu’s Best Adventure Tour: Circle Island Tour in 24 Review

On my most recent trip to Oahu my boyfriend and I embarked on the craziest and most action packed tour on the island: Circle Island Tour in 24. This being my third time to the island, I really wanted to get away from the typical tourist hot spots and explore the hidden gems of the island. I wanted to experience Oahu as the locals do. Dan, the leader of this wild adventure did exactly that, and showed us the most authentic version of the island.

Dan helped us quench our thirsts for adventure and showed us places we never would have been able to find on our own. He is completely flexible with his tours in regards to time, pace, and where you want to go. So whether you’re an adventure traveler wanting to hike the highest ridges on the mountain, a foodie looking for the best shrimp truck in town, or a more laid back traveler who just wants to take a scenic drive around the island; Dan is your man.

We spent one full day and one half day with Dan and saw more of the island than most people will in a week-long stay!

Day One

Our first day began at 4:00 AM with a sunrise hike to Koko Head. Koko Head hadn’t originally been on our list, but about a week before our trip I had seen a photo of the hike on Instagram and asked Dan if we could include it and without missing a beat he agreed. Hiking it at sunrise was actually his plan and it was well worth the early wake-up call! It was a pretty straightforward hike, but by no means easy! This takes the Stairmaster to a whole new level!

1040 lunges sure make for a good morning workout!

1040 lunges sure make for a good morning workout!

View of Sunrise (1 of 1)

Group Pic at Sunrise (1 of 1)

Enjoying the sunrise with Dan from Circle Island Tour in 24 and Reid from WanderluStyle blog // Photo courtesy of Circle Island Tour in 24

View of Hanauma Bay

After hiking Koko Head Dan took us to see China Wall, one of the islands popular surf breaks, and Spitting Caves.

Afterwards we stopped for a quick snack, where Dan introduced us to Musubi. This is a slice of SPAM atop rice, then wrapped in seaweed. I guess you could call it SPAM sushi, only warm! It sounds questionable and I definitely had my doubts, but Dan insisted we try it and I’m glad we did!

Photo courtesy of Circle Island Tour in 24

Photo courtesy of Circle Island Tour in 24

Next we made a quick pit stop at a lava tube lookout. We walked through a short cave and were greeted by this stunning view on the other end. Afterwards we went to see Eternity Beach where “From Here to Eternity” was filmed.

Lava Tube (1 of 1)

Photo courtesy of Circle Island in 24

A spur of the moment decision, we decided to stop in at the Byodo-In Temple for lunch. The Byodo-In temple was built on Oahu in 1968 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. It is a smaller scale replica of the UN World Heritage Site in Japan.

After a quick rest and refuel at the Waiahole Poi Factory we were ready to embark on our next hike: The Crouching Lion Hike.

Crouching Lion (1 of 1)

Crouching Lion 2 (1 of 1)

Before ending off the day Dan chopped open a fresh coconut and we drank the delicious juice right on the beach. It doesn’t get more authentic than that!

Coconut (1 of 1)

Coconut (1 of 1)

Photo courtesy of Circle Island in 24

After 12 hours of adventure our first day with Dan came to an end and we were completely exhausted! It was a short rest before the action packed second day started.

Day Two

Our second day with Dan began at 7:00 AM with some snorkelling.

We’d originally mentioned snorkelling at some popular tourist spots like Hanuma Bay or Sharks Cove, but Dan told us he had a way better spot where we’d get to see a lot more sea life and boy was he right! He took us to a more secluded spot that was free of tourists and essentially left to just the three of us that morning.


We snorkelled for about an hour and saw tons of turtles, lots of colourful fish, a few rays, a small shark, and even heard dolphins off in the distance! If you want to experience some of the best snorkelling on Oahu you need to get in touch with Dan and Circle Island in 24!


Photo courtesy of Circle Island in 24

After an exciting morning of snorkelling we started our journey towards Waimano Falls. A long, sweaty hike stoof between us and the falls, but after about half an hour we were rewarded with one of the prettiest waterfalls. We also grabbed the ropes that are hanging above the cliffs to Tarzan swing in!


Final Thoughts

As I said, this was my third visit to Oahu, so I have done all the typical bus and island shuttle tours. And now after spending these two days with Dan, I can honestly say Circle Island Tour in 24 is hands down the best tour on the island.

This is not your cliché photo op tour where you’ll be crammed in a bus with twenty other people and hop out every now and again to snap a few pictures before you’re on your way. On Dan’s tour you’re paying for more than just photos, you’re paying for experiences; experiences that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. Dan took us to places we didn’t even know existed and were so far hidden in the suburbs we would have never been able to find them on our own.

This tour is nothing like the typical cookie cutter tours you’ll find scattered across the island. Dan’s tours range in length from 4 to 24 hours and are completely private and customizable. That means it will be only you and your party on a tour and it’s completely up to you what you see and do. Each tour is unique to each person; no two tours with Circle Island in 24 will ever be the same! Dan is incredibly flexible and willing to take his tour guests anywhere they’d like to go. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options or not really sure what you’d like to see, there’s no need to worry! Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and will be able to suggest ideas to your party based on your schedule, activity level, and personal preferences.

Jeep (1 of 1)

The only similarity between Circle Island Tour in 24 and a typical shuttle tour is the ease and simplicity of it. Just like a shuttle tour Dan will pick you up and drop you off and he will escort you in his Circle Island Tour in 24 jeep for the duration of your tour. This means you don’t have to fuss or worry about directions!

Dan’s enthusiasm and knowledge about Hawaii and Hawaiian culture really sets Circle Island Tour in 24 apart from any other tour company. If you’re looking for a unique and authentic Oahu experience, look no further than Circle Island Tour in 24. I guarantee you will have a lot more fun than you would on any other tour on the island!

To learn more about Circle Island Tour in 24, check out Dan’s tour offerings HERE.

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