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In Pursuit of Plastic Free Oceans: Norton Point Sunnies Review

“From the canals and coastlines of Haiti, Norton Point transforms plastic into sustainable and socially conscious eyewear.”

Norton Point is a company that will appeal to environmentalists and sunglass connoisseurs alike. The company not only makes a range of stylish, polarized sunglasses, but they’re making a huge impact in the fight to keep our oceans free of plastic.

The Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts-based company produces a sunglasses line made from recovered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ocean plastics, with matching soft cases made from upcycled wetsuit material.

These stylish sunnies are making a huge impact with every purchase; Norton Point removes one pound of plastic from the sea for each pair sold, then donates five percent of its net profits to global ocean cleanup.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Norton Point and try out a pair of their sunnies. I actually purchased a pair for myself, my boyfriend, and my brother because I loved the design and cause so much!

I have the Whitecap Swell sunnies and Logan and Tyler both have the Swell sunnies in the traditional black colour. This review will be covering the fit, functionality, style, and value of these two pairs.

The Whitecap Swell

The Whitecap Swell sunnies are a white ocean plastic frame with CR-39 polarized lenses that you can get in a black or blue colour. The glasses also offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and come with an upcycled wet suit soft case.

Emily’s Rating and Opinions of the Whitecap Swell Sunnies
Style = 10
Fit = 6
Functionality = 7
Value = 8

I originally became interested in these sunnies because of the company’s commitment to cleaning up our oceans. However, after I saw the range of styles Norton Point offered, I was sold even more. I love the look of the Whitecap Swell sunnies; they’re sporty but still stylish and trendy. I can wear them in any setting with any outfit and they work perfectly. The polarized lenses are a huge bonus for me because I travel so often and am usually on the water, the lenses allow me to see deep into the ocean without any sunlight interruption. The only flaw I’ve found with these sunnies is they’re a little loose on my head. I find that even if I try to look down I feel like they’re going to slip off my face. This is the only bummer for me because I’d be hesitant to wear them on bumpy boat rides in fear of them flying off. Other than that I really like the look of the glasses, the polarized lenses, and the upcycled wetsuit cases.

The Swell

The Swell sunnies are the brother of the Whitecap Swell sunnies. They feature a black ocean plastic frame with CR-39 polarized lenses that you can get in a black or blue colour. These glasses also offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and come with an upcycled wet suit soft case.

Logan’s Rating and Opinions of the Swell Sunnies
Style = 10
Fit = 5
Functionality = 7
Value = 7

I have the Swell sunglasses from Norton Point. My first impression of them was that the sunglasses, and the case, looked absolutely amazing. The case itself is thick enough that if you’re traveling you don’t have to worry about dropping them or packing them too tightly in your suitcase because they are protected quite well by the case. Secondly, the polarized lenses look phenomenal and are great for when you’re on the water. The only problem I have with them is the fit. Compared to the sunglasses I currently wear, I find these are far looser and do shift a fair bit on your head, even when just walking or nodding. That being said, for the price of something polarized and made of recycled ocean plastic, their value is fantastic and I really do love the look of them.

Tyler’s Rating and Opinions of the Swell Sunnies
Style = 9
Fit = 5
Functionality = 7
Value = 8

I pretty much agree with everything Logan’s said about the Swell sunglasses. They look really nice, but the fit is pretty bad for me. I’d like to try tightening the screws to see if that would help, but overall I think the value is good as their priced lover than a lot of other brands of polarized sunglasses. And the fact they’re helping the environment is a huge bonus!

Final Thoughts

I think we all agree that the Norton point sunnies are definitely some of the most stylish eyewear on the market. We love the simple and sporty designs that work for both men and women, and the polarized lenses are super functional for when you’re on the water. The only flaw we all found with the sunglasses was that they fit a bit loose on your head. I did just want to mention that on the Norton Point website you can purchase sunnies in two fit sizes; standard or smaller. The Swell and Whitecap Swell sunnies are both standard fitting, so I do wonder if the smaller fit sunglasses may fit a bit better on your head. All in all, I think that these sunnies are a great value and contribute to an incredible cause that is near to my heart. With each pair of sunglasses removing a pound of plastic from our already at risk oceans, I think Norton Point has really got it right with these sunnies.

Check out the full range of Norton Point’s sunnies here: www.nortonpoint.com

And be sure to keep up with them on Instagram: @nortonpoint

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