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Review: GoPro Hero Session Camera

Hey guys, today I am going to be doing a quick review of one of GoPro’s newest cameras: the Hero Session. I purchased this camera right before my trip to Oahu and have used it throughout that trip, my Bahamas trip, and pretty much every time I’ve gone on any adventure since!



  • Small, compact size
  • Price
  • Simplicity
  • High quality photos
  • Compatible with other GoPro mounts/accessories
  • Less shooting modes/options than other GoPro cameras
  • Only waterproof to 10m

The Session is GoPro’s newest and most unique camera of their entire line. This is the least expensive of GoPro’s cameras, retailing for only $199.99, while the other cameras in their line ranger from $349.99-$449.99. It is also the smallest of all the GoPro cameras. The session’s dimensions are 38mm x 38mm x 36.4 mm and it only weighs 2.6oz, while the other GoPro cameras are 71.3mm x 71.1mm x 39mm and weigh 3.1oz with standard housing.

The Session’s uniquely small size and bargain price are what make this product so attractive, especially to first time buyers who aren’t ready to make the expensive plunge for a GoPro product. For beginners who are looking to test the GoPro waters I would highly recommend the Session. It will give you a good introduction to the GoPro line and what to expect from their cameras. Beginners may also be overwhelmed by the variety of settings and shooting options on GoPro’s other cameras and the Session cuts that stress with its single button control and fewer shooting options, focusing on just the basics.

The Session is also GoPro’s lowest profile mounting system as the camera is small enough to be nicely mounted anywhere, like on the size of a bike helmet. The camera also features a smart battery. The battery in the Session automatically shuts off when the camera is not recording, so you’ll be sure to have an entire day of shooting! The Session battery will shoot two hours continuously on a full charge.

This really is a simple camera, and while the quality of photo is incredible, I would recommend this to seasoned GoPro users only as a supplementary camera to another GoPro. The Session just doesn’t have all the shooting capabilities that the other GoPro cameras do. However, it will make a great addition to any GoPro lover’s collection and will allow you to be shooting from multiple angles at the same time.

image1 (1)

My favourite thing about the Session camera is how hassle free it is. The compact camera is already equipped with a waterproof housing so there’s no need to purchase additional housing. However, it is only waterproof to 10m, so it can’t be taken diving. The Session is also compatible with all of GoPro’s mounts and accessories, so if you already have those for another camera, you won’t need to purchase additional products. I’ve used the Session on the GoPro chest mount, surfboard mount, and selfie stick and it has worked perfectly.

One accessory I did purchase for the Session, that I’m wishing I hadn’t, is the GoPro Session Floaty. The Floaty is obnoxiously huge and really takes away the purpose of having a small, compact camera. I bought it of course, because I do a lot of snorkelling and diving and this is mostly why I use the GoPro. However, I only took the Floaty out once and took it off after a few minutes because I did not like it. If you’re still worried about your camera sinking, I’d recommend getting a floaty pole instead, like this one.

All in all, I think the Session is an incredible camera for the price and small extra financial investment for add on accessories. It’s incredible basic and user friendly, so it’s suitable for beginners and pros alike. Regardless of if you’ve been shooting with a GoPro for a day, or a year, you’ll definitely enjoy having the GoPro Session camera as part of your collection.

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