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Review: GoPro Seeker Backpack

Hey guys, today I am going to be talking about the GoPro Seeker backpack. I recently did a review on one of GoPro’s other products, the Hero Session. If you haven’t seen that yet, be sure to check it out!

The Seeker backpack was launched by GoPro earlier this summer and it’s probably the best backpack I’ve ever travelled with.

The Specs

First let’s talk about the bag itself. It retails for $169.99 USD on GoPro’s website. While this sounds like a steep price for a backpack, it’s actually comparable to some of the competitor bags in the market, and I think by the end of this review you’ll have a better idea of why it’s worth the price tag.

The bag is weather resistant and holds up to 16L of storage. I’ve brought this backpack on boats while scuba diving and even on rough days when water has splashed up onto the boat and completely soaked the bag, everything inside stays completely dry. With the amount of water activities I do, I really appreciated having a reliable bag that I could count on keeping my valuables dry. The 16L storage also provides more than enough room to store all your belongings.


One of the most unique things I enjoy about the GoPro Seeker is the compartment at the top to store up to five GoPro’s. I had three with me one my trip to Hawaii and loved being able to quickly grab them from the top of my bag as opposed to fumbling in the main contents looking for them.

The only feature I haven’t tried out with the bag yet is the hydration compatible compartment. You can have a bladder up to 2L in the bag; perfect for hot days and long hiking trips!

The Mounts

The deciding factor for me that led me to choose the Seeker over other backpacks was the integrated GoPro mounts. There are three integrated mounts on the backpack: a chest mount, an adjustable over the shoulder mount, and another mount attached to the front of the strap of the backpack. The over the shoulder mount only works if you have the GoPro 3 way arm attachment. This kind of threw me off when I first got the bag because it does advertise having three integrated mounts, but it’s  really only two unless you have the 3 way arm accessory. However, if you do have this accessory you’ll be able to grab some great point of view shots with the over the shoulder mount. I found the mount on the strap of the backpack was really awkward and uncomfortable; I didn’t feel to secure having my GoPro on that mount and the footage from the angle wasn’t that great and tended to be more shaky.


The chest mount is my favourite mount on the backpack. The bag comes with a detachable chest mount so you can easily take it on and off. It easily attaches to the backpack and fits snugly against your chest, similar to the traditional GoPro chest mount. It takes a little bit of playing around with at first to get the GoPro on correctly and facing the proper angle, but once you have that down pat it makes for a smooth and effortless recording process. I used this chest piece on all of our hikes in Hawaii and never had a problem with it. It captured amazing footage and was never uncomfortable, even when it wore it in the blistering heat, sweating with only a sports bra on.



Personally I think the GoPro seeker backpack is the best adventure backpack on the market right now. It’s perfect for any activity from scuba diving to hiking and let’s you actually enjoy your adventure as opposed to constantly worrying about having enough room for your gear, or having your valuables get wet.

The sleek and comfortable design make this bag even better; not only is it practical, but its fashionable too!

For anyone who shoots with a GoPro, this bag is a no brainer. It’s perfect for storing all your cameras and accessories and the integrated mounts allow you to capture all kinds of unique angles.

My only regret about buying this bag is that I don’t have the 3 way arm accessory to compliment it, but other than that I absolutely love it and wouldn’t dream of ever travelling without it.

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Do you have the GoPro Seeker backpack? What are your thoughts on it?

To find out more about the GoPro Seeker and to purchase go HERE

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