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Skincare Routine: At Home and On the Road + How I Cleared Up My Acne

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about something a little bit different and that’s skincare! When I first started travelling so much my skin started to freak out. Between the dry airplane cabins and weird sleep schedules, your skin can take a real toll while travelling. This used to cause me a lot of stress and anxiety as I had always had bad skin in high school and I was worried travelling only made it worse. To give you some background, throughout high school I suffered with pretty bad acne and had an awful habit of picking at my face, which led to a lot of acne scarring later on in life. My skin also became super dry after I cleared up my acne, due to all the products I was using to clear up my skin. It took some time to clear up my acne and I’m still working to clear up the last bit of my scarring, but my skin has made some pretty incredible improvements.

It’s taken me a lot of trial and error, but I’ve finally figured out a system that works for me to keep my skin looking clear and healthy wherever I am in the world. Today I’m going to be sharing my skincare routine for when I’m at home and when I’m travelling. I’ll also be sharing with you exactly how I got rid of my acne and cleared up my skin for good.

My Skincare Routine  

  1. Cleansers
    My first step in my skincare routine is of course, cleansing my face of all the dirt and makeup that’s build up on my skin throughout the day.
    If I have makeup on I go in with coconut oil first. If you haven’t tried using coconut oil in your skincare routine, you are seriously missing out! I especially love coconut oil for taking off my makeup because it gets everything off, even waterproof mascara! The thing with coconut oil though, is that because it’s an oil, water won’t get it off, so you still need to go in with a cleanser. After the coconut oil I go in with my Arbonne Gentle Daily Cleanser. I’m not involved in the MLM scheme of Arbonne, but I do enjoy their products, especially because they’re vegan and made with natural ingredients.
    When I’m travelling I usually bring makeup wipes to remove my makeup, any drugstore brand will do. I prefer to travel with the Philosphy Purity Cleanser, simply because the bottle is less prone to opening in my suitcase.
  2. Exfoliators
    I exfoliate my skin usually 2-3 times a week and my favourite product to use is LUSH Ocean Salt scrub. It’s a face and body exfoliator, but I find it too gentle for the rest of my body, especially if I’m self-tanning, but that’s what makes it perfect for my face. I usually don’t pack any exfoliators while I’m travelling, unless I’ve got some samples stocked up.
  3. Toners
    There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not toners actually do anything for your skin. Most claim to restore the pH balance of the skin after cleansing and give an overall refreshed glow to the skin. I use the Fresh Rose Floral Toner and I really like the feel of this toner and I also use it to set my makeup, so for me it works. I forgo toners while travelling to save space in my suitcase!
  4. Serum
    I only started using serums recently but there are a few that I really love. I use this Kheil’s one too try to minimize the appearance of my dark spots and this one by Ole Henrikson to brighten up my skin in the mornings. The Ole Henrikson serum comes in a sample size that you can find at Sephora, so that’s what I usually use when I’m travelling.
  5. Eye Cream
    I’ve cycled through quite a few under eye creams over the years and there a few that I absolutely love and keep coming back to. Regardless of how old you are I think eye creams and super important, even more so if you’re applying under-eye concealer. Without it, you’re under eye area will be incredibly cakey. My favourite under-eye creams right now are the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. These are both so pricey, but honestly so worth it. I haven’t actually purchased the Algenist cream in a full size yet because I keep finding sample sizes or use my Sephora rewards points to get it, so keep that in mind as well when looking for new products! A lot of the time I’ll travel with the sample size eye creams I have, but I always travel with coconut oil, because it comes in hand for literally everything, so sometimes it doubles as my eye cream as well.
  6. Moisturizer
    This is probably my most important step in my routine lately because my skin is dry as hell after all the acne products I used on it through high school. I use a few different moisturizers now, some for the day and some for night, and change them up as my skin gets more dry in the winter. My favourite heavy duty moisturizers for night time or days when my skin is extra dry are the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream and the LUSH Celestial. These are both extremely hydrating and smell amazing. For days when I’m looking for something a little lighter I use the Arbonne Gentle Daily Moisturizer. When I’m travelling I usually bring one of these moisturizers with me, as they’re one of the full size products I don’t mind losing room over.
  7. Spot Treatments
    While I did clear up my acne, just like everyone else on the planet, I still get the occasional pimple. When that happens I use a spot treatment to try and get rid of it. My favourite ones are the Say Yes to Tomato’s Clear Skin Roller Ball and the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I use the Say Yes to Tomatoes one during the day because it’s transparent, and I use the Mario Badescu one as an overnight treatment.
  8. Masks
    Now onto the fun stuff! I love a good face mask; there’s nothing like coming home after a long day and relaxing with some skin rejuvenation. Here are some of my favourite masks:

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty: Super refreshing and good for clearing up temperamental skin
Herbivore Brighten: Brightens skin and gives it a natural, overall glow
GlamGlow Thirsty Mud: My must have mask for travelling, I use this before and after long haul flights to restore moisture back into my skin
Sephora Sheet Masks: I also love these for travelling. They’re easy to pack and super refreshing on flights!

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this post, I assume you’re waiting to hear about how I cleared up my acne. Well thanks for sticking around and here is exactly how I cleared up my skin for good!

I’ll start off by saying this was not a quick fix, or an overnight process. There’s no miracle cream or pill to get rid of acne unfortunately, it takes time, a lot of trial and error, and lifestyle changes.

  • The first thing I did was stopped wearing so much makeup every day. Allowing my skin to breathe made a huge difference and stopped the build-up of germs and bacteria in my pores that led to breakouts. This is such a simple task, but not one many are willing to do. I know makeup is a security blanket for many girls, but I promise you that by going bare faced a couple times a week you’ll be able to achieve naturally beautiful skin and feel just as confident in your bare face.
  • Cleaning up my diet also helped a lot. I was vegan during the period when my skin cleared up the most and I really do think the planet based diet was a major key in helping my skin to not only clear up, but look overall healthier. You don’t necessarily need to go vegan to get rid of your acne, but try to minimize the amount of fast and processed food in your diet.
  • The last key player in clearing up my acne was the Proactiv clearing system. I need to warn you before you go ahead and buy this that the Proactiv system is extremely aggressive. I used it only for a couple weeks and then my skin couldn’t handle it anymore. It’s very harsh, irritating and drying on the skin. There was one point where my skin felt like it was literally cracking and sunburnt because it was so dry. While the Proactiv did really help in clearing up my acne, these side effects were pretty brutal at the time and have left me with dry skin to this day. I would only recommend Proactiv as a last resort. If you’re planning to use this, please keep in mind the side effects I’ve mentioned and consider getting a heavy duty moisturizer to try and combat the painfully dry skin.

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