Sleeping with the Ayodya Resort in Bali

If you’re looking for a truly authentic and luxurious Balinese experience, the Ayodya Resort in Bali is the place to be. This luxury resort doesn’t feature the price tag that most high-end resorts do, making it a great pick for budget and luxury travelers alike. It is conveniently located in the south end of Bali, in an area known as Nusa Dua, located just 12km away from Denpasar airport. Nusa Dua is a purpose built, very safe resort area that hosts a handful of high-end hotels and popular golf courses. The Ayodya is actually located exceptionally close to the Bali Golf and Country club for those looking to tee off in the tropics.


Also located just down the street from the resort is the Bali Collection; one of the best shopping centers in all of Bali! The Bali Collection will have all your souvenir needs as they feature a variety of cultural arts and crafts shops, with a little mix of international retail as well. The shopping centre also houses a spa and a variety of dining options.

 The Ayodya resort features stunning views of the Indian Ocean and 300 meters of private beach for its guests. There are a variety of water sports available for additional costs for those adventurous types; everything from surfing to snorkeling, and parasailing can be done here!

The rooms at the Ayodya are decorated in traditional Balinese décor, giving guests an authentic Balinese experience even in their sleep. The rooms weren’t particularly spacious, which is not something I worry too much about, as I don’t spend much time in the room anyway. Each room also has a sliding door leading out to a patio with a seating area, which depending on which room you were in, provided gorgeous views of the property. The room service menu doesn’t provide many options, but it is available 24 hours a day!

The resort includes a variety of facilities including babysitting for those travelling with children, bicycle rentals for those looking to explore the area on their own, and guided tours for those who want to learn a little bit more about Bali.

If you’re more of a pool person than a beach person, the Ayodya resort features two large pools on the property. One is an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, which I found to be more of the “party” pool featuring fun music playing and typically more occupants than the other pool. I loved the infinity pool because it provided amazing views of the ocean and made a great background for photos, however, the temperature of the water was way too warm for the thirty degree weather in Bali. It was almost as if swimming in a giant hot tub, which is definitely not what I wanted to be doing on a hot day when I needed to cool off.

The other pool stretches a distance through the middle of the resort and was typically quieter, for those who want to lay back and relax in silence. I also found this pool to be a lot more cool and refreshing than the infinity pool. There were also poolside bars located next to each pool so guests could hydrate and grab a quick bite to eat while never leaving the sweet Bali sunshine.

The resort also features a variety of cuisines across their multiple restaurants, including Japanese, Pan Asian, and Mediterranean. While not necessarily vegan friendly to begin with, the restaurants were all more than willing to accommodate my special requests. The breakfast buffet also provided an enormous amount of options, especially when it came to fruit! The breakfast buffet is also included in the price of your room during your stay.


Perhaps my favourite part about my stay at the Adoya resort was the spa. The spa menu is extensive and offers a variety of treatments including Balinese massage, body scrubs, and facials. And the best part is, like everything in Bali, the price is right! For less than $150 Canadian, I was able to enjoy a two and a half hour treatment including a body scrub, Balinese massage, time in a steam room, a facial, and a foot massage. The spa was extremely welcoming and relaxing; the cherry on top of a fabulous trip to Bali!

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