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Welcome back to Sunday Spark! This week I’ve rounded up some of my favourite traveller photographers on Instagram. Their photos are incredibly stunning and will have you aching to follow in their footsteps.



Joerg Nicht is a photographer based out of Berlin, Germany. Spend five minutes looking through his Instagram and you’ll be booking a flight to Berlin in no time. His work is amazingly beautiful and expresses every piece of what Berlin is.

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By now you have problem seem Murad Osmann’s “follow me to” photos, showing him and his beautiful girlfriend travelling to exotic destinations and historical sites. This Instagram will inspire you to grab your significant other and reach every inch of the globe with them.

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Clark Little is a Hawaii based photographer who captures the most stunning photos of the islands and the creatures that inhabit it. He is especially talented at catching photos of honu’s (sea turtles), as seen above.

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Carin Olsen set out on a four-month journey to the city of love and has never returned. Her Instagram captures the cutest parts of Paris and she quite often has recommendations for the best places to get some delicious Parisian sweets.

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Michael Schulz is another Berlin based photographer – it’s the city that never runs out of beautiful things to photograph. He also has a unique photography project known as #whileinbetween which captures travels in between their destinations at airports, train stations, etc.

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With over 1000 photos on his Instagram, it’s hard to belive there’s anywhere in the world that travel photographer Patrick Colpron hasn’t visited.

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Robert Jahns takes travel photography to a whole new level-literally. His Instagram is full of shots similar to this, capturing alluring cities from the highest of points. You’ll get an adrenaline rush just scrolling through.

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Another daring photographer, Jacob Riglin captures the most beautiful historical sites in the most unusual ways. Check out his Instagram for a unique look at some of your favourite places.

Over to you! Who are some of your favourite photographers on the gram?

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