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Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready for another edition of “Sunday Spark”. This week I’ve gathered the most inspirational TED talks about travel that will transport you to different worlds without even leaving your couch. Proceed with caution, some of these TED talks might just completely change your life and the way you see everything. Before you know it you may be quitting your nine to five and booking a one way ticket…

1. Robin Esrock: Learn to Travel – Travel to Learn 

Robin Esrock talks about his “aha” moment in Vancouver that pushed him to quit his job and take a one year solo trip across the world. He uncovers common myths about “safe” travel, talks about following your gut and may just reinstate your faith in humanity.

“People you meet create the paradise you find.” 

“Get off the couch, switch off reality TV and start participating in reality itself.”

2. JD, Jackson, and Buck Lewis: On Travelling and how to JUST DO IT 

JD Lewis and his two sons talk about thinking outside the box and running directly away from the “American Dream.” This passionate TED talk will help you re-believe in your dreams and passions again, and remind you not to worry about other people trying to knock you down.

“Run as quickly as you can from Middle America thinking. … I was raised in a country where we were taught to live by the straight and narrow, be part of the status quo, to get the corporate job for the insurance.”

“There are two kinds of people – the people that succumb to their fear and the people that go: ‘I’m just gonna do it because I have to. It’s my calling, it’s my mission.’”

3. Where is Home?: Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer discusses cultural differences across the globe and what it really means to be at home. An excellent watch for when you’re having those moments of uncertainty and feeling lost.

“The number of people living in countries that are not their own are 220 million.”

“Where you come from now is much less important than where you’re going.” 

4. How and Why Travel Transforms You: Francis Tapon

Francis Tapon gives an interesting view on finding yourself through lengthy wilderness hikes across several countries. The TED talk is especially motivating and focusses on finding perseverance and pushing through the hard times in order to change, and better yourself.

“The prophets are teaching us that perhaps some of the answers to life’s most profound questions lie in the wilderness.”

“What would you do with your time if you had a billion dollars? Whatever the answer to that question is, that’s probably your passion.”

5. The Value of Travel: Rick Steves 

TV Host Rick Steves, spent 4 months out of every year living out of a suitcase for the past 30 years. Take a moment to listen to how he values thoughtful travel with his stories from around the world through a deliciously controversial TED talk.

“A third of the people on this planet eat with spoons and forks like you do, a third of the people eat with chopsticks and a third of the people eat with their fingers like I do and we’re all civilised just the same.”

“I learned once again that fear – and there’s a lot of it in our society – fear is to me for people who don’t get out very much.”

6. The Road Less Travelled: Tony Wheeler 

I’m sure if you’ve done any type of travelling at all you’ve heard of Lonely Planet guidebooks; well this is the man behind the genius. This TED talk is mostly a compilation of Tony’s amazing and hilarious stories from his travels, definitely a nice, light-hearted watch!

“A few years ago, Mr.. George W. Bush came along and gave me a reason for some travels. When he said there was an Axis of Evil, I thought – ‘Well, I wanna go there!’”

“I think it’s terrific, where we are in the world today, that you can still go to places which you may have heard about, but you haven’t actually seen pictures of.”

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