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The Secret’s Out: How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Today I am going to be answering one of my most asked questions on social media: “how do you edit your Instagram photos?”

I’ve held off on this post for a while now for a number of reasons. I mean, first off, I was worried about even admitting that I edit my photos at all. With all the negativity surrounding photo shopped images in the media, I feared I would be putting myself in the line of fire. However, I also don’t want to be dishonest and say I don’t edit my photos. Transparency with my readers is extremely important to me and not something I ever want to lose.

So, yes; I do edit my Instagram photos. I mostly edit out things I feel take away from the photo in order to bring the attention back to the picture’s intended focus. I don’t edit my photos because I am insecure or unhappy with the way I look, and I don’t think anyone should edit their photos for those reasons. In our social media driven society it’s more important now than ever to be confident in ourselves and encourage others to be confident as well.

By posting this today I am by no means advocating that anyone make changes to their appearance because they think it’ll make them look better, or impress someone else, or get the more likes. You are beautiful just the way you are; everyone in, regardless of if you edit your photos or not.

Now, without further ado, I’m going to walk you through step by step, how I edit my Instagram photos to get from this to this:


In terms of taking the actual photo, I do so with the app Camera+. This app is $3.99 in the App Store and worth every penny! I downloaded it mostly for the “clarity” filter to use on my travel and landscape photos, but after playing around with it, I discovered it snapped selfies in much better quality than the standard iPhone camera does. I always snap my selfies using the front camera. While the selfie cam is handy for snapchats, the photo’s just aren’t as clear and professional. It’s also always easiest to shoot during the day when there’s natural lighting, but if I end up shooting at night I’ll just use the flash on the camera.

A tip for shooting with the front facing camera: If you shoot in a bathroom make sure you’re facing the mirror so you’ll be able to use the reflection to see what you’re doing with the front camera and aim it accordingly.

Photo 2016-03-02, 22 09 53

Next, I’ll open whatever photo I’ve selected in FaceTune. This app is $5.49 in the App Store, but another one that’s completely worth it! This is hands down the best app I’ve ever used for editing selfies. There are a handful of helpful tools from a quick skin smooth, to a 30 second nose job with the reshaping tool.


The first tool I use in FaceTune is the smoothing tool. I just use this to quickly go over my skin and bur out any blemishes or imperfections.

Photo 2016-03-02, 22 12 33

The next tool I use is the whitening tool. Typically if I’m smiling in a photo I’ll swipe this over my teeth to make them look extra white. Today I used it to whiten the wall behind me in order to make the rest of the photo pop. This is my favourite trick to use in my photos; it makes a world of a difference!

The final touches are put on my picture using the details tool, which unfortunately I forgot to screenshot, but basically I just open the details tool and run it over anything I want enhanced. So for this photo I focused on my eye makeup, my lipstick, and my hair.


After a little cropping, this is what I’ll leave Facetune with.

FaceTune also has a variety of other fun features including reshaping and patch, which you can use to hide larger blemishes.


Finally; the fun part. I open the final product in Instagram and play around with the filters. For this particular photo I used the Clarendon filter. I like this one for making everything really bright and making colours pop. Some of the other filters are really nice for making you look more tan or as if your skin if glowing, but today I was really going for a bright a colour popping look.

I’ve also used VSCO for filters as it has a lot of options, but lately I’ve been loving the default Instagram ones.

After this, I’m ready to post!


I hope that you guys learned some new tips and tricks to take your photos to the next level; if you have any more tips to share, feel free to leave them down below! And remember:




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