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Top 10 Travel Apps

There’s no denying that technology has made travelling more accessible than ever, putting all the required tools and resources for planning and enjoying a trip, right at our fingertips. However, with the thousands of apps in the app store it can be overwhelmingly difficult to sort through them all to find the best ones. So that’s why I’ve compiled this list of what I believe are the top ten travel apps for any traveler.


Travel List

This app if perfect for pre-trip packing and planning as it allows you to easily compile a variety of different packing lists for more than one trip at a time. I love using this app to organize busy months of back to back travel, so when I finally have a quick moment to switch suitcases I know exactly what I’ll need and don’t have to waste time searching.

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Kayak and Skyscanner

Both of these apps are for search engines for booking flights and are the first apps I check when booking a trip. They both allow you to easily compare flights for all different airlines, making booking a flight much of a less stressful process. I like Kayak because it allows me to book multiple flights at once if I’m looking to book a trip to several different cities, while Skyscanner doesn’t offer this option, it gives you the option to simply search for the lowest fares going “anywhere”; perfect for the spontaneous traveler.

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Airbnb is the next big thing in authentic accommodation as it allows home owners to rent out their properties to travelers, all straight from the app! Here you can book stunning beach front condos in Hawaii or tree house lofts in South Africa. Ranging from entire homes to single rooms within all price ranges, there’s an accommodation for everyone on Airbnb.

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I love this app for keeping me organized while travelling. This app is essentially an itinerary keeper that holds all the details of your trip in one place. You can sync the app to your email so when you receive hotel, airline, car rental, or any confirmations from your trip, the app will collect and organize them all in one place for you.

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XE Currency

This is going to make all your shopping trips abroad that much simpler. The app works offline, allowing you to quickly calculate currency differences wherever you are.

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I’ve just recently jumped on the Uber bandwagon and it has saved me a lot of stress and money! Uber is simply a taxi/car service that you can book easily from your smart phone. Taking an uber is a lot cheaper than taking a taxi and you don’t have to worry about carrying cash with you as the app will simply charge your credit card once you’ve reached your destination.

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This app is necessary for any foodie traveler! I use this while abroad and even while I’m at home to discover new restaurants. The app allows you to easily search for restaurants by cuisine or meal type, and view menus, photos, and reviews for each restaurant. Some restaurants even allow you to book a reservation right from the app!

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Google Maps

This is my go to navigation app wherever I am in the world. I like it a lot better than the maps that come pre-installed on iPhone’s. Google Maps is constantly updated and a lot more user friendly than the pre-installed maps; it even updates you on heavy traffic and construction. With this app you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again!

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Google Translate

Goodbye language barriers! My favourite thing about travelling is listening to new languages and I aspire to learn them all one day, however I know for many travelers language barriers can be very frustrating, especially when you really, really just need to find a bathroom! Download google translate in order to bring yourself closer to the locals and have a smoother communication experience.

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Camera +

Finally, I get a lot of questions on what apps I use to edit my photos with, and while I’m planning on doing a more in depth post on all of them in the future, Camera + is the one I use most often and I think is the best app for travel and landscape photos.

That’s all for today guys! I hope I’ve introduced you to some new helpful tools and made your next trip a bit easier for you!

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