Top 10 Vegan Beauty Faves

Originally when I switched to a vegan lifestyle, I was only focussed on the diet aspect of it. Now, I’ve been actively working towards fully incorporating veganism into all areas of my life; including cruelty free beauty products. I’ve begun to phase out a lot of my products that are tested on animals and replaced them with cruelty free, vegan alternatives.

I’ll be honest, this is the hardest part of the vegan lifestyle for me. Especially being someone who is very picky with my products, it’s been tough to switch or find ones I like just as much. If you’re also struggling with this, I’d recommend slowly phasing out your products like I’ve been doing instead of trashing all your non-vegan products at once and looking for alternatives. This will save you a lot of stress and money.

I know giving away or throwing out some of your favourite products may be tough, but trust me once you ‘ve fully educated yourself on what goes into making that lipstick you’ll think twice before putting it on your lips.

To help give you some ideas for product swaps to make I’ve compiled a list of my top ten favourite vegan, cruelty free beauty products.

1. LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner 

Starting with the best here because, well why not. I’ve actually used this product long before veganism was even a thought in the back of my mind; and for a good reason! This product is hands down the best body moisturizer I’ve ever used, and the best part is you can apply it right in the shower! Just rinse it off and pat dry and boom, perfectly conditioned skin! It also smells absolutely amazing.

2. Yes To Cucumber Face Wipes

This popular drugstore brand has been my go to for makeup remover wipes lately. I throw these wipes in my gym bag to take off any makeup before I work out. They smell nice and fresh and are extremely gentle on the skin, while still removing all traces of makeup.

3. Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray

Jaclyn Hill hyped me up for this one and I am not disappointed. I use this spray to set my makeup when I feel like going full on glam. The spray is cool and refreshing on the skin and keeps your makeup looking perfect all night.

4. tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Foundation

I used to be ride or die for this foundation a couple of years ago and for some reason stopped using it, but once I found out it was vegan I of course when straight back to it! This foundation will give you a full coverage look without making you look cakey.

5. LUSH Rosy Cheeks Mask 

Okay, I’m a suck for rose scents. I actually tried this mask out as a sample from LUSH and I like to think fate brought us together because I haven’t put it down since. This mask is a retexturizing mask, so it will help to even out any rough patches and unevenness in the skin. After using it my skin feels brand new and looks super glowy.

6. Coconut Oil

This technically isn’t a beauty product, but at the same time it’s the most important beauty product you’ll ever use. Seriously, coconut oil if beautiful and multi-purpose and will do wonders for your hair and skin. I love using coconut oil to take my makeup off before I go in with cleaner. It gets everything off and leaves your face feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.

7. OCC Lip Tars 

Long lasting, beautiful colours, super pigmented…need I say more?

8. LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub 

The key to soft, kissable lips is this lip scrub. Use this before applying any lipstick and it’ll make your lipstick look a million times better. This is especially vital for me in the winter when I’m suffering from super dry and chapped lips.

9. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer 

This bronzer is the absolute perfect shade for any skin tone. It’ll give you the perfect sun-kissed glow and it blends out beautifully. Plus it smells like chocolate, hello?!

10. Loving Tan Tanning Mousse 

Hands down my most important beauty product. Gorgeous, tanned skin is a staple for me; I love, love, love looking sun-kissed year round and this is the most amazing self tanner I have ever used. This is another product I used before I knew it was vegan and I am so happy that this brand is cruelty free because I truly believe their products are the best on the market.

What are some of your favourite vegan beauty products?

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