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What Camera Gear I Travel With

My most essential items while traveling can be found in my camera bags. These contain all of my digital gadgets and tools for capturing and creating great content while on the road. I’m definitely no pro photographer (yet!), but when I started this blog in 2015 I was shooting my photos on nothing but iPhone – I’ve definitely made some improvements since then!

Manfrotto Drone Backpack

This bag is the perfect carry-on size and holds everything including my drone, camera, laptop, and carry-on essentials kit! It also has a ton of extra space to hold all the chargers for my gear and all the padding helps to keep my drone protected.

GoPro Seeker Backpack

Whenever I go on an adventure that doesn’t require my drone, I swap out my Manfrotto backpack for this one. This backpack is an absolute must for anybody participating in any sort of water sports. Logan and I have taken this backpack aboard boats with all of our cameras and wallets inside, just to get off the boat and see the outside of the backpack covered in water, but the inside completely dry. It’s kept our expensive toys safe on all of our trips so far and it is a very sleek looking bag to boot. You can find my full review of this backpack HERE.

Sony NEX-3N Camera

This is the only camera I shoot my photos and video with while I travel. Like I said, two years ago I was shooting on an iPhone, so while this definitely isn’t the fanciest our highest-quality camera, I still consider it an upgrade and it seems to get the job done. I also like the size of the camera as it makes it so much easier to carry around all day.

DJI Phantom 3 4k Drone

This is the newest addition to my camera gear and my most beloved toy. Shooting photos with a drone is unlike anything else; it gives such a unique perspective on any destination and I think it’s really helped to step up my video game recently.

Drone Accessories

There isn’t too much in the way of accessories for a drone, but I do always travel with at least two extra batteries and a ton of extra propellers. I also purchased this lens cap to help keep the drone’s camera protected during travel.

GoPro Hero 3 and GoPro Hero Session 4

I have the Hero 3 and Session 4 GoPro’s while Logan adds the GoPro Hero 5 to the collection. These are our favorite cameras to use and probably part of the reason I haven’t yet invested in a new DSLR; I just find the GoPro’s so handy and practical for all the adventures we do on the road.

GoPro Accessories

I talk about this more in the video, but the only accessories I really use with my GoPro are the Joby Gorillapod, the Gopole floaty handle, the GoPro suction cup, and I always bring a few extra adhesive mounts with me so we can set up the GoPro virtually anywhere imaginable. Logan and I also bring extra batteries as GoPro’s are notorious for their poor battery life, and I sometimes use GoPro’s dive filter depending on how deep of a dive were doing.

Manfrotto Tripod

People always ask me how I take photos when I’m traveling solo and here is the answer! This tripod is an absolute steal and I love how small it folds up to fit perfectly in my suitcase.

Lifeproof Phone Case

I don’t use this as much anymore because we have so many GoPro’s now, but for anyone looking for an easy way to take photos on the beach and upload them to Instagram ASAP without worrying about dropping your phone in the ocean, Lifeproof cases are great! The only thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t have a floatation device. So while it’ll keep your phone safe from splashes in shallow water, your out of luck if you drop it off a boat.

Mophie Space Pack Phone Case

This is the case I use 99% of the time when I’m traveling. This is actually the second Mophie case I have as the last one I purchased was just a battery case, and this one is a battery and storage case. I always have too many photos on my phone and am always getting the “not enough storage” warning from Apple. This case uses an app, similar to iCloud or Dropbox, to create additional storage on your iPhone – all while being able to charge it up to 120% again.

Memory Cards and Carrying Case

I have a shit ton of memory cards. There is nothing worse than heading out for a day long adventure and realizing that you have no room on your SD card to capture memories. I’m usually pretty good about clearing my memory cards at the end of the day, but sometimes I’m way too pooped to look at photos and swapping out the cards is much easier. Having an extra card or two is also handy in case one gets lost or there’s a formatting issue with it. This case is also drop-proof and waterproof so it’s perfect for keeping my memory cards safe and all accounted for.

External Hard Drive

Because I’m editing photos and videos as I travel having an external hard drive is necessary because quite simply, I can’t upload thousands of photos to my laptop at a time. Having the hard drive lets me clear out my memory cards by moving my files onto the hard drive, as well as get work done editing more efficiently.

Chargers and a Universal Adapter

Finally, packing all of these gadgets without their chargers would be useless, so I always make sure I have the proper chargers for everything, as well as a universal adapter to suit the different plugs I’ll encounter around the world.

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