Travel Décor – My Travel Inspired Room

In today’s post I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite travel décor items and show you how I decorate my room to be travel and beach themed!

I recently moved back home and after my trip to Hawaii decided I never wanted to lose that tropical island feel; so I turned my room into a beach and travel oasis! Some of these décor items I’ve collected through my travels abroad, but others you can easily find online or in your local home furnishing store.

Beachy Gallery Wall

The first and biggest thing I did to keep the island vibes strong in through my Canadian winter, was to create a gallery wall. I have a full post HERE with a step by step guide to exactly how I created this wall, but essentially you’ll just want to frame some of your favourite travel inspired photos and arrange them in frames! I’ve made this the centre piece of my room; it takes up the majority of this wall and it’s the first thing I see when I walk in the room.

A Map

You can’t have a travel inspired room without having a map on hand. I think maps are such a classy way to decorate a room regardless of if it’s travel themed or not! This is a Luckies of London Scratch Map that I can keep track of all the places I’ve visited on by scratching the destinations off as I go. A map like this, or a push pin map where you can place pins on every destination you’ve visited, are great ways to reflect on your travels.

A Character Piece

I have this clock modelled after one in Kensington stations in London, England. London was the first place I ever travelled abroad and this was a gift to remind me of the start of my travel journey. A cute, original piece like this adds character and authenticity to any travel inspired room.

Some Real Souvenirs

I’m not too big on purchasing souvenirs when I travel anymore; I rely more on the memories I make and the photos I take. However, in some places a good souvenir is in order! For example, this beer stein I purchased in Germany that has all the cities I visited on my Contiki tour. I also have some Minnie Mouse ears from Disneyworld, a hula girl, and some other fun knick knacks from around the globe.

More Photos

Like I said, I count the photos I take while travelling as more of a souvenir than anything. While I love looking back at them online, having my favourites printed off and hanging where I can see them every day makes me incredibly happy and reminiscent of the great memories I’ve made. This is actually a magnetic line that Logan got for me in Banff, so the photos just stick onto it with magnets that way I can be constantly changing them up.

A Piece of the Island

My goal was to mix an overall travel inspired theme with a beachy theme, so I included this little slice of paradise corner in my room. I keep my perfumes and fresh flowers here, but also my pineapple coin bank and a candle that smells just like Hawaii!

Travel Inspired Bed Set

Go to bed dreaming of exploring the world with some travel inspired bed sheets and throw pillows! I purchased this duvet cover from Bed Bath and Beyond; they have an array of similar duvet covers with a variety of different destinations on them, or some specific to one destination like Paris or New York City. Some of the throw pillows are also from Bed Bath and Beyond, but the majority of them are from Airportag. The passport blanket is also from Airportag! Airportag has amazing travel inspired décor and most of it can be personalized! I have a few throw pillows with airport codes from my favourite destinations, as well as some that I’ve had personalized with my name and flight details from some of my first trips abroad. My favourite pillow is the giant one that reads “once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before”. At the end of each year I used a permanent marker to record which new places I traveled!


That’s all for my travel inspired room; do you have any favourite travel décor items? Let me know in the comments below!

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