What I Do Between Trips: Tales of a Travel Blogger

Where the heck have I been? Man, oh man has it been a busy week. It probably doesn’t seem that way to you though because I haven’t posted any new content on my website in almost a week. This is really hard for me and I’m sorry I’ve kept you guys waiting so long for a new post. The reality is, I have a lot of other responsibilities outside of this blog, and while it is a high priority sometimes other things, like school, need to come first and the blog gets put on the back burner for a little while.

This isn’t something I like to do of course because I love writing this blog and I love producing new content for my readers. While this week certainly caught me off guard with a long list of to-do’s I needed to accomplish, now I’m ready and better prepared to take on these unexpected tasks while still maintaining my website and publishing new content.

I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to explain what exactly it is that keeps me so busy all the time and what I’m doing in between my trips when I’m at home and not traveling. As I said, I am still a student, so I do the bulk of my traveling over four months during my summer break. While I do sprinkle in weekend trips and other adventures during the school year, most of my big trips are taken over my big summer break. So, what do I do for those eight months that I’m not consistently traveling? Let’s find out!

First off, I’m in school! I’m currently in my third year of university studying Environmental Governance, which is basically just a fancy way of saying environmental politics and economics, but this keeps me pretty busy most days between classes and assignments.

On top of my actual coursework, I’m very active in my campus community. I currently sit on the executive of a couple different societies and am managing a campaign to end the sale of plastic water bottles on my campus. These roles are incredibly time consuming and some days I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running around between classes and meetings.

Bringing it back to my professional life, when I’m not writing about my trips for my own website, I’m writing for other publications about things travel and non-travel related. Some of you may already know that I currently also write for On the Go magazine, which is a Toronto based lifestyle magazine. This role keeps me super busy in between trips and allows me to explore my hometown a little more, which makes being home a lot more fun. I’ve been loving the added challenge of getting out into my city more and exploring places I may have never otherwise visited; it’s led me to discover all sorts of hidden gems and made me fall in love with my hometown over and over again. (A difficult feat for someone with itching wanderlust!)

I also do some writing for other outlets and am trying to get more opportunities writing for print magazines. I actually have a very exciting article being published in a magazine in November that is not travel related. Keep an eye out for that over the next couple months!

In addition to writing for other outlets, I also work closely with other organizations to produce video and photo content. While I often produce this type of content for people when I’m traveling too, I still get to produce unique video and photo content while I’m home. I’m actually currently working on a big video project for an affordable accommodation app that I am super excited about!

Another big thing I do between my trips while I’m home is advocate for various marine and ocean conservation programs. When I’m traveling a lot of my content revolves around the destinations I’m visiting and the activities I’m doing. When I’m home I have an opportunity to produce some more educational based content surrounding environmental issues like ocean conservation. Being home also allows me to be more involved in some environmental organizations in Canada and work closely with them on events, media, and other types of educational and promotional materials.

Finally, being home gives me the opportunity to fine tune my skills. When I’m home and exploring my hometown I try to always bring my camera or drone with me and work on my photography and videography skills. This obviously helps me to improve my shooting and editing skills and also gives me a ton of photo inventory to work with in the future.

Whew! That felt like an exhaustive list, but that’s how I keep busy in between my trips. Any other travel bloggers out there? How do you spend your time at home between traveling?

If you guys like these little “behind the scenes posts” into what it’s like to be a travel blogger, I’d love to start a series here sharing some of the realities of being a full-time travel blogger and giving you a peak into my life! If you guys like the idea let me know! 

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