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Vegan Convenience Foods

In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you guys some of my favourite vegan convenience foods. These are foods I like to have on hand for those busy days when I’m running out the door and don’t have time to prepare anything beforehand. These foods are also great transition foods for anyone just making the switch to a vegan lifestyle. In your first few weeks as a vegan you’ll still be able to enjoy vegan versions of your favourite foods including ice cream and burgers!

These foods obviously aren’t the healthiest options and should not be making up the bulk of your diet, however they are handy in certain situations and will compliment a whole food, and plant based diet perfectly.

These first few items will ensure you never have to miss a barbeque or pizza movie night again! Especially with summer and barbeque right around the corner I love having veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs on hand. They’re super easy to cook, even for someone who has no idea how to barbeque (aka me). If I’m hosting at my place I’ll pop a few of these on with the other burgers and dogs and if I’m heading to a friend’s barbeque I just bring them with me. They take a lot less time to cook as well!

Photo 2016-05-11, 10 19 34

I also really enjoy this vegan version of “ground beef” to spice up my pasta when I’m getting bored of plain old pasta sauce. Another one of my favourite ways to use this is to sprinkle it over scoops nachos with a ton of veggies; it’s the perfect movie snack!

And of course, we can’t forget about my favourite food ever: PIZZA. There are a ton of brands out there that make vegan pizzas, especially if you’re located near a Trader Joes or Whole Foods, you’ll have plenty of options. Daiya is the brand most common in my local grocery stores and it hits the spot just right. They have a bunch of flavours ranging from extra cheesy, veggie, and some even including imitation meats.

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Before I went vegan I loved eating ham and cheese bagels. Imagine my excitement when I discovered vegan ham and mozzarella. I can’t even tell the difference. If you’re feeling extra fancy you can even spread some Earth Balance vegan butter on it!

Another life changing discovery I recently made was Amy’s burritos. I have no idea how I ever lived before I discovered these. With my early work mornings I sometimes don’t have time to prepare and eat a fruit bowl before heading out, so I’ll grab one of these breakfast burritos and heat it up in the microwave once I get to the office. They taste incredible and fill me up just as well as a giant fruit bowl would!

Of course, protein bars are a staple in any fit girl’s pantry and these are the tastiest vegan bars I could get my hands on. Clif bars have been a favourite of mine since high school so when I found out I could still eat them on a vegan diet I was thrilled! I then discovered the protein Clif bars which not only taste like dessert, but contain a whopping 20 grams of protein! The VegaSport bars are hit or miss for me; some of the flavours are really enjoyable, but some can taste chalky. I’d still give these a chance though before you write them off!

Our next point brings me to my favourite and most delicious item on this list; ICE CREAM. So Delicious makes literally the most delicious vegan ice cream I have ever tasted; I’m pretty sure I love it more than dairy based ice cream. They make tubs and also bars. My favourite used to be the mocha almond bars until I found this hidden gem; salted caramel clusters. Holy shit guys. My taste buds dance every time I eat this stuff. I may or may not have finished this entire tub already…

These last few items are some last minute options I wasn’t originally planning on including, but when I went back through my groceries I realized that make awesome additions!

Photo 2016-05-11, 10 22 03

Boom Chika Pop is awesome popcorn that is incredibly light so you don’t get that greasy, bloated feeling you normally do after eating popcorn. My favourite flavours are the lightly salted and the sweet and salty!

Sushi is also one of my go-to on the run lunches. Most grocery stores have Bento Sushi counters and I frequently grab some vegetarian California rolls or vegetarian spring rolls. Hummus is another staple that I just love to keep on hand to pair with pretzels, crackers, or baby carrots when I’m in the mood to snack.

That’s all for today guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and find some of the suggestions helpful. If you have any more vegan convenience food suggestions, feel free to leave them down below!


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